Advantages of Using Animation on Your Website

Advantages of Using Animation on Your Website

Animation can be an effective tool to use on your website, as it has multiple benefits when it is done correctly. However, you have to be careful as if it is done incorrectly, then it can have a negative impact.

Capture and Hold User Attention

When something moves on a page, it catches the attention of the viewer as it makes the element stand out against the others on the page. Animation can also help to improve the overall look of your website as it is making it more appealing to the eye. This can help to make your users feel more secure and relates to a positive attitude between your company and them.

By using animation it can hold the attention of the viewer as when they scroll down the page looking out for other things that move. By doing this it will increase the amount of time the audience will spend on that page as well as decrease your bounce rate as your viewers will stay on your site.

Increases User Engagement

The use of animations can encourage users to interact with your website. For example, by using animations on call to action buttons, will make the user more likely to click the button. The same goes for using image sliders and videos on your website, as these features give your audience something to do instead of just reading text.

Conceal Slow Load Times

As the world is getting less and less patient, slow load times can affect your website traffic massively. It is said that 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, having animations can hide some of the delays as it will look like that as part of the animation. Another way to hide this is by using animations on a loading screen, as while the site is loading in the background, your viewers will watch an animation. By doing this it will make them more likely to wait a little longer than usual as they can see that the site is doing something.

Increases eCommerce Sales

If your website is an eCommerce site then you can actually increase your sales by using animations for multiple reasons. Like the reasons before it makes the site look better, which is what your customers want. It can also be interactive, which can hook customers as this can either keep them on your site for longer or sign up to your newsletter to get a discount. It can sort of be like a game to them. If you animate how much they are off from qualifying for free shipping, they will see this and will be more likely to buy more from your site in order to get this.

Animating your website can mean multiple things. It can be from hover effects to moving images. It all depends on what you are animating and the purpose of your animations. So why not try it on your website to see the benefits it can have on your site.