Why Web Design Agencies Are Better Than Freelancers

With so many talents available today both in the agencies and the freelance world, it can get quite confusing to make the right choice regarding who should be designing your website.

No doubt there are equally highly skilled individuals both in freelancing and our own web design agency in Liverpool who can deliver fantastic service. But you should note that a lot of factors come into play, such as the objective, the size of your project, etc. when it comes to

deciding the best option for you. And since designing a website is a huge task, considering a whole team of skilled web designers is probably a safer option.

Web Design Agencies VS Freelancers

Here are some important points to help you understand how web design agencies can be better than freelancers.


Before you hand over your project to any web developer, first you will need to be certain about the staff’s competence and responsibility. Thus, if you are working with a freelancer, you must expect unexpected events, such as illness, emergency, etc.

On the other hand, a web design agency has a large team, so even if any member cannot be available, there is always another team member to take care of the tasks. Hence, with web agencies, you can be rest assured that your project will be delivered to you on time.


When it comes to the cost of service, freelancers are usually less expensive because they don’t have the overheads like that of a typical company. And also, freelancers are usually more specialized in a particular field. While web design agencies are more on the expensive side, you will need to consider the variety of people with different skills and qualifications, all working together on your project.

More Involved

When dealing with freelancers, you will be communicating with them directly during the whole working process, and this could cause misunderstandings too. Whereas, with web design agencies, there is a whole lot of professionalism when you are dealing with communication and cooperation.


A web design agency will deal with pretty much every issue regarding the project. Because hiring a web agency means you are hiring the entire team, so you will not need to take any trouble and use your time to work on your business. But with freelancers, you will have to do the management part yourself, or you might hire more freelancers so that they work together, which can end up costing you a lot.

More Resources

Also, as expected, since web design agencies will definitely have more budgets than freelancers for developing a website, they will have better materials and technology for the design and creation of your project altogether.


Even after your project is launched, web design companies will have a support team that will hear out all your problems regarding the project and try to work and resolve them immediately. But when it comes to freelancers, you can’t expect an all-out service.


Creating a website for your business includes a lot of components that will require various skills, thus working with a web design agency is much more preferable than hiring a freelancer. Therefore, an advisable thing for you to do is to connect with our web design agency to enjoy a full-scale service and quality product.