All You Need to Know About YoastCon

Every blogger wishes to get as many visitors as possible to their website. Higher traffic guarantees you more pay from Google through Adsense. The best way to increase your chances is through SEO, which helps rank your website higher. This is where YoastCon comes in. It’s an SEO conference that happens almost annually, the next one being in February 2019.

1. Things You Can Achieve in Attending YoastCon

First of all, you can still purchase tickets for YoastCon online and even win a ticket on the Yoast twitter until December 16th! If you already have the ticket, all roads will be heading to Nijmegen, the Netherlands. By attending the conference, you will be able to get lean a thing or two from world-class experts and get instant SEO knowledge for your blogging career. You can also ask questions about the site that you manage and also meet a lot of interesting people including the owner of the web design company Manchester.

2. There will be an incredible speaker line-up

The YoastCon 2019 will have an array of speakers including Els Aerts, Wolfgang Blau, Alberto Medina, Rand Fishkin, Geraldine DeRuiter, and Yoast’s Jono Alderson. There will be more speakers that will be announced before the event kicks off. The mentioned speakers will share their knowledge and experience with the participants. Jono Alderson, who works at Yoast as a digital strategist, is a marketing technologist as well as a full-stack developer who has so much to share from his over decades of experience in SEO. The web design company Manchester will be present.

3. The first YoastCon was a celebration for Yoast company’s fifth anniversary

You might be asking yourself, “Why YoastCon?” Well, if you are a Wordpress fan, you must be familiar with Yoast. YoastCon’s first edition was meant to celebrate the achievements of Yoast as a company and its fifth anniversary. It was a just a small SEO conference that focused on sharing one’s SEO knowledge. The participants made new friends and rekindled with old ones. YoastCon was created by a team of SEO enthusiasts, and it ended being a great voyage for the first conference. Some of the conference’s speakers attributed their web success to a web design company Manchester.

4. What you missed in 2017

The last YoastCon happened on November 2, 2017 at Nijmegen, the Netherlands. It was the second edition and the interactive conference ended well with the participants excited with the tips and experience they had received. The organizers and the speakers made it practical and the participants were required to choose workshops that suited them.

5. YoastCon sponsors

The conference is sponsored by Jetpack, Siteground, Succuri, and Amazon Web Services. Yoast loves making websites better. Apart from improving WordPress, Yoast helps people enhance their websites through blog posts on their main site, their SEO Care, eBooks and short and interactive courses. You can get JetPack as a free WordPress plugin to help you simplify and manage your sites. SiteGround has managed to beat most web hosting companies and become the best. Sucuri on the other hand is a website security platform that offers a suite of security tools for website owners.

You might not be able to make a lot from your blogging career, but with the help of some plugins to your WordPress, such as Yoast, you will get closer to your dreams. However, you need some SEO tips, and attending the YoastCon will be a great deal for you. You can also consult the web design company Manchester to learn about creating an effective website.

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