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Alzheimer’s Society Cupcake Day 2018

2018 is the first year that Blue Whale Media has chosen to support the Alzheimer’s Charity Cupcake day. 

The team at Blue Whale Media are avid bakers and distributed their creations around the business park, with many local businesses contributing to this amazing charity. 

Dementia describes a group of symptoms that include problems with memory, thinking or language, and changes in mood, emotions, perception and behaviour.  

Dementia is a progressive disease, which means symptoms may be relatively mild at first, but they get worse over time. There are many types of dementia but Alzheimer’s disease is the most common. The next most common is vascular dementia. 

If you need help then please click here to go to the Alzheimers websites. Take a loook at some of the amazing creations from the team.