10 Best Types Of Animated Logos

There is a rise in the use of animated logos since most people would prefer to watch something play rather than just reading about it. Things that move tend to catch the eye mostly like ocean waves, and such logos that are appealing to the eye are surfacing in the world of logo design. There are various logo designs as discussed in this article. Animation Warrington is the best solution for all your logo designs.

Logos that rotate

It is the newest trend in the market, logo rotation. The logo is broken down that some feature of the logo is rotating to make it colourful. The functionality of the logo can be designed to turn like a film reel, and this forms the practicality of the aspect of animation. The rotation of the logo makes it easier to understand the shapes in the logo.

Logos that hide and reveal

Many users love the aspect of a big reveal. This concept utilizes the elements of light and dark in animation design. It shows the photographic aspects of the architectural plans of the animated logos. The logo can be designed to animate as it hides the core part of the logo that catches the attention of the users. If you want a logo that is beautifully designed and can conceal and reveal its contents kindly hire Animation Warrington.

Hand-drawn logos

There are two types of hand-drawn logos skeuomorphic and real logos; they are not new and have been around for some time. Hand-drawn logos animations exaggerate its appearances by allowing the user to see the artistic process used as a smooth brush stroke, swirling pencil design and blotchy designs.

Logos that transform

These are logos that change from one feature to another; simply it is combining two objects that represent the business. Animation has made this concept a lot easier to connect other logotypes with transforming feature to make the logo more creative. If you want appealing animated logos that convert hire Animation Warrington.

Logos that expand

Logo designers have had a problem to make a logo fit in a specified dimension or scale. Animation has helped designers in effective branding to facilitate the fitting process. A logo grid space should be designed in a way that it expands or contracts to fill the logo.

Logos that swap elements

Animated logos has brought about many designs to replace the tradition of an interchangeable set of logos. Designers are using interchanging animations with a set of other features that people will adapt. This aspect is best for hotels that swap illustration of the parts of the hotel.

Logos that rearrange

It is a slight shift from logos that swap to rearranging; the elements of the emblem shift around into different compositions. In the animation, the modules of the logo come together and reorganize in the logo grid. Animation Warrington ensures that they design effective logos that rearrange and positively impact the image of your brand.

Logos that warp

This concept is referred to as the fireworks of the animation designs. The idea is to stretch and twist the logo to look like a bouncing art that is full of creative artistic creativity that is ready to burst.

Logos that travel

Moving objects in an animated logo are the basic fundamental of animation. Creating logos with trails moving in either direction creates an appealing visual articulation of flight that makes the user feel like they are running with the logo features.

3D logos

is considered as the ultimate game changer evolutionary in technology. Designers use 3D fold to show their work of art in the logo while other designers can get more creative to combine symbols for 4B and 3D axes.

Animation Warrington ensures that your animated logos are designed right and captures the attention of your consumers.

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