Why Is Animation Currently So Popular in Web Design?

2017 has seen many trends come and go in web design Widnes, but one that seems to be here to stay is animation. By no means a new thing, animation recently has seen a resurgence with more and more organisations incorporating animation into their websites in one way or another.

Animation can be massively rewarding if it is properly executed. Animation has the potential to stimulate web site visitors’ minds quickly often without them even realising, through kinetic images.

So how can animation be incorporated into your website’s design?

Draw Attention

This may seem obvious but it is quite possibly the biggest practical use for animation in web design Widnes. Drawing the attention of visitors to your website to parts of your page that you want them to read can have a major impact on conversions.

You can effectively manipulate and control where the visitor to your website is looking through the use of engaging animation.

Quite often web surfers will scroll through pages skimming information without actually digesting anything, animation stimulates the brain and means that when they do read text the pitter patter of grey matter will ensure the information is retained.


Animation is great for teaching. Moving images are an effective way of condensing information into a few simple steps or instructions. If you include animations on your website, visitors can quickly read and register information through the much more direct format of animation.

Animations can also be great guides on how to operate a website, if a user hovers over an icon that changes, it is a good indicator that clicking the icon may help them progress to where they need to be.

Break Up Pages  

Websites, especially brochure style websites have a tendency to contain way too much text and therefore lose the interest of visitors very quickly. Animation is a great way of breaking up blocks of text and keeping readers interested and their brains stimulated.

The reality is that when visitors to your website land on your first page, if it is simply a long block of text, they are likely not to stay for long.

Loading Time Distraction

Loading times are in web design Widnes are not always avoidable. They are a reality when it comes to complex websites often but still have the potential to put visitors off remaining on your page.

Animated loading pages can distract those waiting for your website to load and display the type of work that you produce, an innovative way to turn a weakness into a strength.

How We Can Help

If we have managed to convince you of the importance animation holds within web design Widnes and you want to introduce some animated magic into your website, feel free to get in touch with Blue Whale Media today. You can reach us through email at: [email protected] or call us on: 01925 552 050

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