Apprentices at Blue Whale Media

Apprenticeship Success at Blue Whale Media 

Blue Whale Media has excellent training facilities, especially with its apprenticeship scheme. Since the beginning, when the business started back in 2011, we have had approximately 20 apprentices. From web development to graphic design our apprentices have had extensive on the job training and are able to build their way through the company and into industry professionals

We support a wide variety of roles and positions within our apprenticeship services. Some positions we have supported in the past include web development, social media, marketing, SEO and graphic design. If you’re looking for a break into the digital world and you are a highly driven and hard-working individual then maybe an apprenticeship is the right path for you. 

One of our most prevalent success stories would have to be our resident graphic designer Lewis. Lewis started back in 2016 as a graphic design apprentice with no previous design experience. He was determined and passionate about his training and was able to go from a new apprentice to our now, very experienced, Head of Design. With the skills and knowledge Lewis accessed during his training, he is now a talented and skilled manager within our company. Lewis has been able to train two of his own apprentices into our now in-house Graphic Designers (Alex and Laura). Alex is now going on to complete a degree apprenticeship with Manchester Metropolitan University within Blue Whale Media. 

So if you’re looking for a career in the creative and digital industry then Blue Whale Media may be the perfect match for you! No previous experience is required, we take on individuals that are driven and passionate about your work.