Why Apprenticeships Are The Way Forward For The Digital Industry

Apprenticeships are one of those options which people either love or hate. In the past, they have been mainly focused on more hands-on manual trades such as builders and plumbers etc. Over the last ten years though they have emerged for other service industries like Web Design, Marketing and Business Administration.

Like with the more traditional trades these are also time-based trades and are service driven rather than product-driven. This means that training people in a classroom rarely achieves the results needed. So, this is why Blue Whale Media over the years has championed Apprenterships for our sector.

What Type of Courses and jobs are available?

Six of Blue Whale Media’s employees started out as Apprentices in the industry. Whilst not all of them have completed their courses whilst being employed by us they were given their first brake via this route.

When we talk to most of our Apprentices or staff which have gone down that route it’s mainly because the University version of the courses doesn’t cover the areas that were of interest for them. This meant that the natural route for them was to find an Apprenticeship course and get into a workplace where they could learn on the job.

We have a wide-ranging team, and this is shown by the courses they have completed. We have Marketing people who went down the route of a Digital Marketing Level 3 & 4 course. This can be a great course for other areas too and can fit for Web Designers also if the company they work for is willing to tailor the course and work.

We also have Graphic Designers who have completed some amazing training with people who have been creating amazing graphics with the likes of Coca Cola also.

Then we have also employed Business Administrators who help out with the office admin and work alongside the sales team to enhance our proposals.

Who do Blue Whale Media Ltd Partner with?

Blue Whale Media have partnered with various agents over the years but our current partners of choice are Jarvis Training and QA Apprenticeships.

We find them to be extremely professional and in keeping with the style of business we have.

Current vacancies

Blue Whale Media are always looking for talented and eager staff who want to join the team so if you would like to join us you are always encouraged to get in contact and submit your CV to us at [email protected]

At the moment though we are very excited to be on the hunt for our next Web Design Apprentice who we are hoping will join us in the new year. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact QA Apprenterships for more information.

What else do Blue Whale Media offer for younger people?

Blue Whale Media is always keen to ensure that they keep the youth of today interested in the sector and work that we do. We are also big on the local community – being a family ran business ourselves. This means that we also take on a lot of Work Experience staff from local schools. This is a great way of them seeing that it isn’t just the big cities which have media agencies they can work for.

Our Work Experience staff normally either do one day per week for their school year. In which they come into the office and work hand in hand with the staff.

We also offer the more traditional Work Experience where students will come and spend one week in the company. We tend to ensure that they get the opportunity to sit with each department and learn a little from everyone.

If you are interested in coming to complete some Work Experience with Blue Whale Media then email us at [email protected]

Other Types of Training Blue Whale Media offers

Blue Whale Media are keen to ensure that all our staff are up to date with the latest tricks and tips or even software that they are using.

To ensure this we offer open training where the staff member can bring a training program to us for review. All training requests are then reviewed by management every two months and if the company feels they would be of benefit to them and the employee they are scheduled in.

Over the past few years, we ensure that all members of the team have been given basic training in GDPR protocols and Cyber Security. This allows us to ensure that customers and their data is kept safe at all times.

As I mentioned earlier 90% of the staff have come through some form of official training to get to the position they are in now. Some of the main training they have completed outside of an apprenticeship is Management training, SEO training, Google Training, Adobe Training and other industry-lead training.


Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my latest blog and I hope it has helped to illustrate the open and supportive company that Blue Whale Media Ltd is.

We can’t wait to see where 2020 takes us and the new staff members that join.