Are Old Backlinks Better Than New Backlinks? 

Apart from well-known aspects of backlinks like acquisition rate, diversity, relevancy, etc., are there some other that may be considered too? Age is the factor that can’t be faked; therefore, it has consistently been a signal of trust. As you plan your SEO strategy, give special consideration to these factors that impact rankings the most. Site Security – Presently, it’s one of the most significant Google positioning factors on this rundown. It includes an extra layer of security that protects information exchanged between users and the site. Blue Whale Media has all it takes for the task. Benefit from SEO Warrington now and rank higher! 


Search engines need to drive users to the most dependable sites. HTTPS encryption reveals that a site is secure. Search engines can’t position a site if they can’t discover it. That is the reason site crawlability is such a significant SEO ranking factor – SEO Warrington. Crawlability allows search engines to filter a site and review its substance. Mobile-Friendliness – Mobile-friendly sites provide great user experience by utilizing a responsive design that modifies the content, so it looks great on every screen size. To see if your site is responsive, present your website to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. 

Page Load Speed 

Another SEO positioning element that relates to user experience is page burden speed. Slow stacking sites provide a terrible user experience. Search engines realize that people need to discover answers as quick as could reasonably be expected, so they choose to show websites that will stack rapidly for users. To make sure that your site stacks rapidly, use a site speed checker. Attempt Alexa’s Speed Analysis device, which is a part of our full Site Audit or Google’s PageSpeed Insights instrument – SEO Warrington

User Engagement 

If your site is moderate, take steps to speed up your site by implementing website reserving, compressing files, minimizing the number of redirects, and finding a way to speed up burden time. Search engines consider how internet users interact with page outcomes to determine which pages are better and more useful to searchers. Google does this through an artificial intelligence device called RankBrain. Great Content – Another approach to support user engagement on your site and appeal to search engines is by consistently publishing top-notch content on your site. Content is one of the most vital SEO Warrington factors. 

Optimized Content 

Search engines need to provide the best results possible, so they give top rankings to sites that have well-researched, in-depth, and well-crafted content. The Right Target Keywords – Keyword research is the course of identifying popular keywords that can drive traffic to your site. Consider how Google positions keywords to help you choose the best keywords for your content. To draw search engines to your site, you likewise need to consider on-page SEO factors. On-page SEO is the process of advancing each page on your site for a target keyword – SEO Warrington

Consistent Business Listings 

Structured Data – Another approach to telling the search engines what a web page is about (so they rank it as needs be) is using structured data. Structured data is a top SEO positioning factor because it tells search engines what is significant about a page. It’s likewise significant because structured data can lead to featured snippets in search, which can lift navigate rates and increase rankings even more. – Business postings sometimes referred to as references, are fundamentally SEO Warrington ranking elements. But all brands ought to perform essential reference setup and management. To study more about backlinks, reach out to Blue Whale Media. Call +44 1925 552050 or click

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