How To Attract Paid Traffic That Converts

How To Attract Paid Traffic That Converts

SEO and PPC is all about driving traffic to your website – but a professional campaign is about much more than just increasing your traffic. In this blog, I will outline the best methods to help you attract traffic that actually converts with PPC advertising. Improve your return on investment in PPC with these simple tips and strategies!


One of the easiest and probably most obvious ways is to optimise your campaign’s bidding strategy. GoogleAds numerous bidding types include “Maximize Conversions.” If your GoogleAds account & campaigns have been properly set up, they should include conversion tracking on your adverts and website. The Maximize Conversions strategy allows Google to use AI & machine learning to bid higher for keywords and audiences that are more likely to convert, and bid lower on those that are less likely to convert. This is done based off past data in your own campaigns.

Ad Text

Another method to attract converting traffic is to properly optimise the text and ad copy to attract people who are looking to buy, as opposed to people who are looking for information. It is important to properly understand your target audience and to utilise the headlines and descriptions to outline what your customer needs and how you can fulfil that. You should also research your competitors, see what they are doing and figure out how you can outperform them.

Keywords/Search Intent

When you are choosing your keywords it is important to understand the search intent behind them. For example, an eCommerce website selling boxing gloves is going to make a lot more return on their investment for the keyword [buy boxing gloves] as opposed to just [boxing gloves]. This is because by including ‘buy’ we have clearly identified the intent behind the search: to buy. The generic version of the keyword does not identify the intent. It could be used by people looking to buy, but it could equally also be used by people looking for reviews, further information, guides etc..

By identifying and correctly targeting keywords with intent, you can attract much more qualified traffic which will have a higher conversion rate and return on investment.

Landing Page

Your landing page is a very important area to optimise in your PPC campaign. Maybe your ad copy is fantastic, your keywords are great and you’re using an optimised bidding strategy – but where are the conversions? It’s important to remember that your PPC campaign is made up of two elements: the advert and the website! If your landing page is slow to load, or is too confusing for users to understand what to do, they will simply bounce from your website.

When looking at your landing page it is important to ensure: a good loading speed, clear call to action(s), a design that offers good user experience etc.