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Why you should avoid blackhat SEO

Black hat SEO is a shortcut method for tricking search engines into optimizing higher rankings on SERPs. Although it goes against search engine community guidelines, black hat SEO is heavily used to boost rankings, despite the best recommendations by SEO experts in Liverpool.

The techniques used by Black hat SEO to boost rankings are:

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is just as the name suggests. Black hat SEO tactics include stuffing various keywords in the content of a website instead of writing a natural article. This does help increase the ranking of the website for a while.


Spamming popular websites, forums, and blog posts with comments is another black hat SEO tactic. These spam comments are filled with links of the website, so that the genuine people of the spammed website may click the link and visit the page.

Article scraping

Article scraping is the process of taking content of another website by repurposing it and utilizing it on a new website without permission. The users of black hat SEO achieve this by making use of software to scrap articles on the internet.


Autoblogging is a software that generates blogs through Amazon, YouTube videos, word press, etc. to create a mini-blog or website. So, basically, the website is not run by a person but by making use of the software.

Paying software to promote the website

There are software like SEnuke, XRumer, and GSA search engine ranker that the black hat SEO users make use of. These software spams link on various social sites, private blogs, forums, and comments. Promotion of these links is in a very unhealthy manner.

Purchasing backlinks

Instead of growing a website organically, black hat SEO users purchase backlinks. This will definitely increase traffic for sometimes, but it is only for a while.

Why Blackhat SEO should be avoided

Short term results

None of the black hat SEO tactics will give lasting results. Due to traffic manipulation, there are no genuine visitors visiting the website. It may gain traction in the manifold for a few days, but it will quickly evaporate since search engines will find the loophole and fix it.

Lose of genuine traffic

Since the quality and quantity of traffic comes inorganically, users will stop believing the website. With the use of unethical techniques, genuine users may start looking at the website as misleading and spammy.

Low rankings

Black hat SEO clearly does not follow search engine guidelines. During the initial phase, the users may have lots of traffic and higher rankings. But with search engines having routine check-ups, these tactics will be neutralized, and the website may rank lower.

Permanent loss of website

When a website constantly goes against the search engine guidelines or use ill tactics, search engines will find out the loophole. This may result in permanently banning the website from appearing on the SERPs. If this happens, the few genuine traffic that the users may have will also disappear.