Avoid Marketing Strategies That Don’t Work

We feel bad when we see many small businesses waste money on online marketing strategies and SEO Cheshire campaigns, that simply don’t work in today’s times. Think about all the time, resources and money that could have been put to use on better techniques. Small businesses especially are always short on marketing budgets, and spending your limited funds on money wasters is not wise. Here, our SEO Cheshire team looks at some of the marketing strategies that you are better off staying away from.

Buying Facebook Followers

Social media is all about engagement; it’s not a numbers game. It does not matter how many followers you have on Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform. What matters is the quality of the engagement with your audience. Many businesses falsely believe that the more followers they have, the more credibility their business will have. Never buy social media followers. These are simply fake accounts and in essence a waste of your hard earned money. Following an SEO content marketing strategy must be implemented to gain success in the future.

Incorrect Content Marketing

The success of your content marketing campaign depends on the quality of content. You will simply be wasting time if you are creating poor quality content. Here are some other content marketing mistakes to avoid:

  • Writing on topics that people are not at all interested in
  • Not promoting the content you create
  • Creating content that delivers no value to your audience

Guaranteed Search Ranking Services

SEO is an evolving strategy. There’s no one technique to get you straight to the top of the search results. Avoid hiring SEO agencies that guarantee first page rankings. Why? Because it’s more than likely that they are relying on black hat techniques to get you short term results that will do more harm than good. In fact, Google clearly warns people to avoid such services.

Outsourcing SEO To Bad SEO Cheshire Agencies

Be sure to choose an SEO Cheshire agency carefully. When your business picks up, outsourcing your SEO and other digital marketing campaigns to an agency can really come handy. However, don’t hire an SEO agency solely based on price or their report. Contact Blue Whale Media today for reliable, affordable and effective SEO campaigns for your business. Call 01925 552 050 now to get started.

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