How to Be an Awesome Web Design Client?

As your web design Manchester agency, we put in our all to ensure you get a product that more than meets your expectations. However, like every relationship in life, it’s not a one way street. A good website is the result of mutual understanding and collaboration.

When there’s disconnect between the client and the agency, it can directly impact the design.

Here’s how you can be an awesome web design client.

Communication Make a Huge Difference

Creating a good design is your agency’s responsibility, but without a starting point, you might end up with a website that’s as unclear as your instructions.

Be sure to provide some essential information about your business. It is your agency’s responsibility to take that information as a guide to deliver an effective website. Be sure to provide the following information:

  • The goals and objectives of your business
  • Your ideal customer
  • Brand guidelines including logo, colours, typography and any other relevant information
  • The personality you want to convey through your site – formal, irreverent, professional or personal

Time Your Feedback

Feedback is essential, but it won’t work if you keep providing feedback all the time. Be patient. Wait for your agency to ask for feedback. And they will.

Your web design Manchester agency will provide progress reports on a regular basis. They will host your website on their server so you can explore it anytime you want. You will be able to track the work they are doing and the progress they are making. 

When you provide feedback when not asked for, it puts brakes on the process of design. And when it’s provided when the project’s about to be wrapped up, it might be equally tricky.

The best time to provide feedback is during your regular meetings with the agency.

Content is Your Responsibility

Your web design Manchester agency is responsible for creating a stunning website that shows off your content. However, creating that content is your responsibility.

Be sure to provide your agency with content including videos, copy and images. This will give them clear understanding of your business and brand. This will help them in creating a layout that presents your content appropriately.

Even if your agency has a team of expert copywriters (yes, Blue Whale Media has a team of copywriters!), you must let them know that you’d like to use their services.

In Conclusion

Developing a good relationship with your web design agency takes work, as is the case with any relationship. The mark of a successful partnership is communication, trust and respect. When things work as expected, rejoice. And when they don’t let your agency know.

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