Case Study blog about Bach 95's new eCommerce website by Blue Whale Media

Bach 95’s eCommerce Website

Where e-business refers to all aspects of operating an online business, ecommerce refers specifically to the transactions of goods, services and subscriptions.

The UK is the leading ecommerce market in Europe with £141.93 billion in ecommerce sales. The digital revolution has meant that people now expect good services without delay, so if your website is difficult to navigate or is slow to load, you could find yourself losing out on customers.

At Blue Whale Media, our team has mastered the art of ecommerce website design in order to increase a business’s presence and customer conversions.

Our web designers from Wigan created a brand new Ecommerce website for Bach 95 that is fresh and up-to-date, here’s what we did:

What did we do? 

Our website design team created a completely new and up-to-date website for Bach 95; giving a fresh look and feel to it. The website has modern designs, an updated logo, and eye-catching graphics that are sure to catch the customers’ attention. 

To make things easier for the Bach 95 team as well as their customers, we added a section dedicated to the product subscription service. The most striking feature is the animation – right from the logo to the subscription section, you’ll notice the elements appear one after the other as you scroll down the pages. Our team also integrated an Amazon shop on the website for an easy customer experience, which will benefit Bach 95 immensely. 

Newest Website Changes and Features 

The new eCommerce website for Bach 95 showcases many new features, most importantly a modern design is used throughout to enhance the customer experience. 

An Amazon shop plugin was integrated into the site to enable customers to purchase through Amazon. The features we have incorporated allows the brand to build its online presence whilst also encouraging people to revisit the site.

These features are essential to an ecommerce website, especially the integrated Amazon shop plug-in, this creates a simple but effective way for consumers to purchase products. This will ultimately keep consumers coming back and shopping with Bach 95 because it was easy and effortless. 

What makes a good eCommerce website? 

Essentially, ecommerce websites are constructed in three parts; a storefront, a shop with products and checkout. The virtual shop will allow you to display your business similarly to how you would with a physical shop window. Think of your website as your shop window, as a way to highlight key information about your brand, featured products and services as well as a way to easily check out. The product pages will include prices, images and depending on the product there may be a list of variations. The checkout page may be the most important one for the customer journey, it should be simple but secure for customers to trust the transactional process. 

Every website, be it ecommerce or not, can benefit from an upgrade and new design just like Bach 95. Everyone loves something different, especially online, and you could be just that difference among many others. If you’re interested in a subscription-based eCommerce website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Blue Whale Media.