How to Become an SEO Specialist

If you have little to no knowledge about SEO and yet you badly want to be an SEO specialist, fret not—you are not alone. Every SEO specialist and SEO company Warrington started out as beginners just like you. The first step is, of course, to acquire the knowledge base and master the basics. The following are the fundamentals you need to thoroughly grasp:

KPIs, Analytics, & Data Analysis

You need to analyze the KPIs or Key Performance Indicators, and the good news is it’s no rocket science. All you need is to know the KPIs or data that matter and how they can improve your campaign. The first tool you should explore is Google Analytics and the Google Search Console. Other tools that are necessary for backlink management and analysis include Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO, and Ahrefs.

Keyword Research

To identify keywords is one of the most important things you should learn. Read up on how to do keyword research the most efficient and effective way and you’re good to go.

Competitor Analysis

Finding the right keywords is the first step. The next thing is to validate them is by doing competitor analysis. This way, you can know what they are doing well, come up with strategic advantages, and look for link opportunities.

Page-Level Optimisation

If you want to be an SEO expert and soon build your very own SEO company Warrington, you also have to learn the art of improving your organic landing pages. These pages are keyword-targeted, and your goal is to rank them in Google.

Site Architecture

Another SEO skill you should obtain is learning how a website should be structured. If you take care of your site architecture, search engine spiders can crawl your website better and more efficiently. It improves user experience at the same time reduces the number of backlinks you have to rank due to the smooth flow of link equity.

Developing Content Assets

Without content, there will be no SEO campaign. Thus, it’s a must to learn how to make effective content. The skills you’ll be needing are content writing and content marketing. If you go big and finally come up with your own SEO company Warrington, you may outsource these skills from freelancers online.

Link Acquisition

Backlinks are one of the biggest ranking factors. Even if your content is superb, without backlinks, it won’t get the exposure it deserves. As an aspiring SEO expert, learn how to build quality backlinks. Take note that when it comes to link acquisition, quality beats quantity.


SEO audits are something every SEO expert has to do. When you do regular audits (like quarterly), you get to detect the flaws in your campaign and correct them accordingly. Every SEO company Warrington never fails to put proper SEO audits in place.

Once you have read up adequately, the next important step is to take action. Practice makes perfect, and perfection doesn’t happen overnight. Just be patient in going through the learning curve. As long as you are interested, you are sure to become the SEO expert you strive to be.

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