Beginners Tips To Improve Your PPC Marketing

Pay per click marketing is a great way to instantly get your website, services and products at the top of Google for any keywords you decide. When done right, your business can easily thrive and see a great return on investment. However, when done wrong, you can also see your marketing budget and your PPC campaign crash and burn. In this blog, I’ll share some useful tips that many marketers miss when starting their PPC campaign which ends up proving costly.

Use negative keywords to exclude irrelevant searches

Negative keywords are just one of the ways you can control how and when your ads show up. A negative keyword is a search term or keyword that you DON’T want your ad to show up for. This can be used to filter out search terms and visitors that don’t lead to conversions or aren’t suitable for your business, saving you clicks and money. An example of this can be a business offering premium services at high prices. A negative keyword they may use will be “cheap” and “free” as these are not the customers the business is targetting and certainly wouldn’t want to spend their marketing budget on.

Use keyword match types for more control

Keyword match types are used to control how broad your keyword or keyphrase is. Google Ads offers three main match types which you can use:

  • Broad match – This is the match type used to gain the most traffic and impressions and can include all sorts of related search terms, spellings, variations, synonyms and others. It is generally recommended to stay away from broad match due to the lack of control you have over the search terms your ad shows up for and will likely lead to a lot of wasted clicks and budget.
  • Phrase match – Phrase match allows for more control than broad match but still includes variations. A simple way of looking at phrase match is that the keyword/phrase you enter is required to be in the search query, but any other words can be used either side. For instance, “web design” phrase matched will allow ads to show for “premium web design company” or “cheap web design near me” since they both include the phrase match.
  • Exact match – Does what it says on the tin – the search term has to exactly match the keyword/phrase you enter. Using the previous example, an exact match of “web design” will only allow your ads to show when a user searches for “web design”. However, as of a recent update to how exact match works, now similar words which exactly match the meaning and intent of the keyword will also be included. For example, “website design” will also be included for exact match results.

Keep track of conversions

It’s important to know exactly what you want to get out of your PPC campaign and therefore what you should be tracking. You can set up conversion tracking on Google Ads to see how many people are actually doing what you want them to do once they click on your ad. This can be something such as sending a contact form, signing up, making a purchase etc. This should be your true indicator of how well your campaign and keywords are performing, as opposed to how many clicks (and therefore how much you’re spending).

How Blue Whale Media can help

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