Benefits of podcasting for your business

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular nowadays and focus more on the audio or a conversation. Most podcasts seem to involve two or more people having a conversation about a certain topic which people listen to if they are interested about that certain topic. They are a great way to listen to other people’s opinions in a none formal context. They are typically made for light entertainment which is easy to listen to. There are many benefits to podcasting and why they can help your business.

A unique energy during and after a podcast

When you write a blog you are almost hidden away from the world. With writing you are able to make mistakes, stop, start and delete making it slightly more relaxed. With podcasting, there is some form of pressure behind it as you are being recorded and not many mistakes can be made especially when filming live. The feeling you get when achieving a podcast live without any mistakes can be quite unique as you have a sense of accomplishment.

Looks great for your audience

Creating podcasts can be a great way for your business to connect to your audience through conversations you may have with other people within your work or even existing clients. It can also be a great way for you to answer questions that your client base may want to know or could potentially be intrigued by. Podcasts that involve video can also give the audience a little insight into what you look like as staff and basically can give a little more personality about the business itself.

Builds self-confidence

With a lot of people speaking in front of people or into a camera can be quite a dreading task for your staff. When creating a podcast, the relaxed most often informal atmosphere can be quite a nice basis to start. Podcasts can quickly help build people’s confidence and make more at ease when speaking in front of cameras and people in the future. At the end of podcasts, people tend to have the confidence to be able to go for longer as now they are familiar with the pace, tone and setting of the conversations taking place.

Fun and creative impact

When working within an office it can get quite boring working on the same project every day. Podcasts can be quite fun and engaging for staff members to get involved in as they are not in a normal regime of a working day. This, in turn, can boost the morale of your staff by giving them a fun and interactive task.

Should you broadcast live?

With podcasts, it doesn’t overly matter if you perform them live or not. When performing them live you have more opportunity to attract new audiences as routine podcasts draw the attention of the same people who usually tune in. Podcasting live can also add positive pressure as not as many mistakes can be made due to a live audience. There are no second chances and instead, you have to roll with it. This in turn when performed correctly can really boost confidence and almost make you feel invincible.

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