Benefits of Q&A Videos

A Q&A video is a tool used to introduce a company, its staff and what the company is about. It should give a good indication of the ethos of the company and what it offers customers.

Why should a business have a Q&A Video

With so much competition online in almost every commercial and service sector, a quality selection of videos with knowledgeable staff is a window into the world of that company. A clearly defined set of questions and answers by a variety of staffing levels from customer service, administration, to management and production can be a portal that is inviting to a potential client.

When should a business create a Q&A video

There is no set in stone time in the life of a business when a Q&A video should be produced and unleashed on the company website. However, the content of the videos should be carefully considered. If the business is new, then the video should be an introduction, followed by a clear goal and a positive outlook for the future of that company as well as a brief overview of what the company offers. A well-embedded company with a bigger customer base should go to town on producing a glossy, slick, production. If done well, the positives can be dramatic.

What effect can a Q&A video have on potential customer

If a potential client or customer is looking for a particular product or service and they come across the Q & A section and it has been done really well, the effects will be positive. For instance, a solicitors practice. If the team come across as knowledgeable and professional, as well as welcoming and they share their services in an open manner, clients are far more likely to contact that practice than just via the website alone. The same could be said for a company selling physical products. Even if companies are well known, again, the same professional Q & A section, if done well, will have a much more positive effect on customers than via a standard website. Customer contact overall should be increased as a result.

Facts about Q&A Videos

Q&A videos should be planned well. The location where the videos are done should be considered. Even if off-site to a rented office if need be, it should look professional. Consider the members of staff that are to take part and why. Be well prepared prior to filming.

The equipment used and those operating it should be qualified to produce a slick product. They should be able to review, edit and compile a quality set of questions and answers that sell the company as well as sell the product or service.

How Blue Whale Media can help

Blue Whale Media has a full digital graphics team. They are qualified to use the latest videography equipment and just as important, they are equally qualified to bring the footage back to base and produce the service we were employed to do. A professional product that will please the client. We also have an excellent marketing team who can aid the client company on how to go about compiling the Q&A session if needed.

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