Best Bitcoin Payment Platforms In Woocommerce

Over the past decade, Bitcoin has gone from something only a knowledgeable few knew to a new up and coming way to pay for everything.

If you do not know already, bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (A form of electronic cash) that was created on the 9th of January 2009. Each Bitcoin is a computer file that is stored inside of a digital wallet app on your smartphone or computer. These can then be transferred between digital wallets as a digital currency.

You may be asking yourself, why would I want to give the option for this to be used? Well not only is this becoming a rapidly growing currency that does not require a bank or a physical piece of paper, it is also easy to exchange as well as untraceable. Currently, major e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Expedia accept bitcoin transactions as well as many others.

What platforms are there?

So, you have decided to give this new currency a try. You may still be wondering, “what is the best bitcoin payment platform to use with my Woocommerce website?” Listed below are the best platforms that are compatible with Woocommerce.


BitPay is one of the largest Bitcoin global payment providers that integrates with the most popular platforms. It provides the ability for merchants to allow payment transactions with Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash payment services, cross-border payments and point of sale transactions with Bitcoin.

The Bitpay Woocommerce plugin supports all forms for Bitcoin wallets that supports the payment protocol. You can also set prices in a normal currency and also refund customers in bitcoin.


Blockonomics is a system used by merchants who wish to accept digital currencies. Many Ecommerce websites have used this platform to increase sales by enabling cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin as well as many others. It also offers completely encrypted invoices.

The Woocommerce Plugin allows you to accept Bitcoin cash as well as other cryptocurrencies. The checkout process is done within your website and the platform supports wallets such as and Trezor.


Coinbase is a Bitcoin payment platform that gives the ability to transact with digital currencies to consumers, merchants and traders alike.

It does not only let you pay with Bitcoin, but it also allows users to create bitcoin wallets and start buying and selling bitcoins by connecting to their bank accounts. It also has payment processing systems that can handle high traffic websites.


Mollie is a process payments company which allows many payments such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express and of course Bitcoin. It offers a simple payment platform for merchants that allows many forms of payment and removes all of the complexity by providing a simple but powerful API.

It enables its merchants to let their customers pay with bitcoin with little effort. It is simple for both merchant and consumer with no hidden fees and allows you to start receiving bitcoin payments in minutes.

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