The best industries for email marketing: the statistics for email marketing for each industry

Top Industries For Email Marketing By The Statistics

Like the rest of us, you probably also wondered how your email results compare to those in the industry. The number of open rates that one could expect is also a hot topic of discussion today. You must be curious to know if your clicking rate is below or above the industry’s average level.

Email deliverability is tough, and people are often clueless about whether they are doing a good job and the improvements they need. Benchmark data is extremely precious as it tends to reference how your business is doing. It also displays indications on where and how to improve the most.

What Is an Email Marketing Benchmark?

Email marketing benchmarks tend to offer you all the important details concerning your “Sent Emails.” It enables you to witness how your campaigns are comparing to your individual industry’s standards. Every industry tends to possess different benchmarks. You can locate opportunities for enhancing your email marketing strategy and for garnering better results.

Below are some of the email benchmarks for multiple industries. We provided resources on how you can enhance every rate. We are analyzing all 19,033 customers’ email metrics for calculating the open, click through, unsubscribe, and hard bounce rates of every industry. It is from November 2018 up to November 2019.

Average Open Rates of Email by Industry

The rates are as follows:

  • computer and electronics – 19%
  • business services – 20%
  • software and internet – 20%
  • media and entertainment – 21%
  • telecommunications – 21%
  • health + pharmaceuticals + biotech – 21%
  • retail – 23%
  • other – 23%
  • financial services – 23%
  • manufacturing – 23%
  • education – 25%

We found that the open rates on an average basis for all the industries are at 20.94%. The real estate and the education industry possess the most open rates. On the other hand, the computer and electronics industry possess the lowest open rates.

Average Clickthrough Rates of Email by Industry

The rates are as follows:

  • financial services – 6.82%
  • telecommunications – 7.11%
  • real estate, and construction – 7.17%
  • software, and the internet – 7.18%,
  • computer and electronics – 7.22%
  • education – 7.49%
  • media, and entertainment – 7.71%
  • business services – 8.01%
  • other – 8.35%, retail – 8.53%
  • health + pharmaceuticals + biotech – 8.94%
  • manufacturing – 9.31%

Here, we can see that the average CTR present across industries stands at 7.8%. Health and manufacturing industries are taking the lead here, with the financial industry being the lowest.

Average Unsubscribe Rates of Email by Industry

The rates consist of:

  • media and entertainment – 0.3%
  • financial services – 0.4%
  • health + pharmaceuticals + biotech – 0.4%
  • other – 0.4%
  • education – 0.4%
  • business services – 0.5%
  • computer and electronics – 0.5%
  • retail – 0.5%
  • software and internet – 0.5%
  • telecommunications – 0.5%
  • real estate and construction – 0.6%

The average rate of unsubscribing across all the industries stands at 0.48%. The real estate industry possesses the highest average unsubscribing rate. But the interesting part of this is that real estate possesses the highest open rate. This change may be stemming from the nature of this specific industry, where people change their focus with a loss of interest. And the media and entertainment industry have the lowest unsubscribing rate.

Average Bounce Rates of Email by Industry

The rates consist of:

  • media and entertainment – 0.3%
  • retail – 0.4%
  • education – 0.5%
  • manufacturing – 0.5%
  • health + pharmaceuticals + biotech – 0.6%
  • financial services – 0.6%
  • other – 0.6%
  • real estate and construction – 0.7%
  • business services – 0.7%
  • software and internet – 0.8%
  • telecommunications – 0.8%
  • computer and electronics – 0.9%

The computer and electronic industry feature the highest bounce rate, with the medical and entertainment industry being the lowest. Here, the average bouncing rate across every industry stands at 0.63%.

Summing It Up!

From the statistics presented above, you can be sure of the open, clickthrough, unsubscribe, and bounce rates of email marketing in the industry. You will have clarity on the top industries for email marketing. This data is coming from the individual accounts and the ones sending emails campaign on a batch.

This data consists of campaigns only with about 1,000 sends. Also, the data collection was every month, and then it was averaged based on per account. There was self-reporting of the company and industry’s size during sign-up.