Why showcase your work?

As a Graphic Designer, I know that it is essential for our work to be seen by others. Being involved with a business, it helps us to attract more custom through eye-catching and unique graphics which can also be used for them and their business. For other people creating Graphics is for their personal use and something that they want to share with others to create conversation. Nowadays many designers use the work of other website designers for inspiration or ideas. This is due to the social media platforms available to everyone in this day and age.


Back in 2012 Pinterest broke out to become a widely popular site and app for showcasing design work and creating inspiration for others. Pinterest is necessarily a big digital catalogue which has no expiry date. With constant updates on new trends, designs and ideas Pinterest are always showing new and improved ideas. People will use Pinterest to save ideas and ten use on a later date. It is becoming a well renown place to find and collect thoughts. This is why it is a great platform to showcase your work and attract attention.


Since the beginning, Behance has developed massively in the innovation of designs. This online platform is used to display fresh designs from designers around the globe. For a user on Behance, this is an online portfolio for designers where other designers can praise and add comments. This, therefore, makes it an excellent place for businesses or freelancers to refer potential customer too so they can see the work you have created.


Made back in 2009, Dribble was aiming at bringing the design community closer together. This is like the designer’s version of Facebook and is a great way to keep clients and freelancers updated continuously. Dribble is defined as a show and tell for designers. The entire site is full of basketball references to make it relatable for the users. For example, Users are called players, works are called shots, and user levels can be divided into rookies and all stars.


Owned by Facebook, Instagram is one of the biggest photo and video sharing platforms in the world. Unlike the previous three mentioned Instagram is not predominately used for design work but can be a great way to showcase your designs. Instagram is by far more popular than the other three, and therefore a bigger audience is at your availability. Instagram is used more by businesses when showcasing design work.

Get your designs seen

As a designer, you should at least be using one of these platforms to showcase your work or even using them for inspiration. There can be a sense of achievement when all your work is stored in a place where other people can see and comment and how good it is. Seeing great comments towards your work can be a fantastic empowerment for designer these days and can be an excellent way for your designs to be noticed.

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