The best practices to create engaging videos for Instagram

Best Practices For Engaging Instagram Video Content

Instagram videos with wholesome content increase viewers and branding. Once you grab the attention of users, it is most likely that they will share it. 

Why create videos that people will share? Because we know it builds an entourage of marketers. 

Check out these best practices to create engaging Instagram video content:

Go For Mobile 

Instagram users prefer mobile-friendly videos captured accurately within a short period. Meaning, it is best to take short videos in vertical mode. 

We believe making interesting IG stories and going live is a winner. It appears on top of the screen, which is better accessible for users. If you want to keep it longer than the IG stories time limit, you can add it to highlights. 

It doesn’t mean you cannot use a different mode to make the videos. When you want to post on your feed or make IGTV, take videos that fit a square or horizontal position. 

Maintain Quality Videos

If you want your videos that users recognize, we suggest you consistently maintain high-quality videos. The video settings should be according to Instagram requirements. 

We recommend that you choose MP4 or MOV file type format for leverage. Make sure to do your research on IG video requirements such as video file size, resolution, video length etc. 

Keep Up-to-date

Consistency is essential in all that we do – at work, practising good habits or an exercise routine. We guarantee that you will get maximum followers or users if you post daily. All you need to do is use strategies such as a sneak peek update on your next post. 

Take Advantage of Captions 

The average person will watch videos with the sound on. However, users scroll down through a myriad of videos, and so you need to get competitive. 

IG automatically plays videos with sound-off. We believe improvising on attention-grabbing captions attracts viewers to continue watching. IG allows automatic captions on IGTV, or you can add catchy coordinated texts on Reels. We also recommend adding texts or interactive questions on stories. 

Grow Your Community 

Create videos that find a way to the viewer’s heart. To do it effectively, we urge you to present realistic valuable video content with relatable hashtags. Making use of trendy hashtags on your videos will get you discovered and build your community. You can also add location, tag relevant accounts or mention them in your captions. 

To gain a more winning edge, we recommend that you post your videos on your feed as well as IG stories. You can also get creative by linking with different platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest etc. 

Optimize With Instagram Apps

Add engaging stickers, edit or resize video using IG apps to enhance your content. You can also find apps that provide stunning effects, filters and subtitles. 

We compiled a few apps for you to get creative with your video: 

  • Hootsuite
  • Canva 
  • Clipomatic 
  • Adobe Premiere Rush 
  • Apple Clips
  • Lumen5
  • BeeCut 
  • FlipaClip
  • InShot
  • Kinemaster


Now that you have learned the best practices of creating engaging IG video content – get inspired and be discovered! Even if you have never tried making IG videos, we encourage you to give your best shot and do it.