The best practices for mobile UX website design

Best Practices For Mobile UX Design

We are living in a world where almost everyone uses a mobile device. According to a survey in 2020, there are about 6.1 billion mobile users globally. Smartphones have become the needs of our daily activity since it is easily accessible, portable and offers features and services beyond communication.

With this, most people enjoy their smartphones which provides more enjoyable and great aesthetics mobile design. This blog will discuss the best principles and practices for UX (User Experience) mobile design.

Importance of good UX Mobile Design

  • UX mobile design becomes your mobile phone’s first impression.
  • Users prefer a smooth and seamless mobile app experience.
  • It improves efficiency, application errors and increases the user’s satisfaction.
  • Provides the user with minimal input of data and saves time.

Know your audience needs

Prioritizing and studying your audience needs and requirement is one of the best practices a developer should adopt. Most users need an interface simple, easy to use, yet appealing to the eye with an attractive mobile design. 

Designing the app keeping the user’s data in mind will benefit both the user and developer.

Reduce the Typing

We have all face the situation where typing for a long on a mobile phone becomes annoying. Most users enjoy scrolling the page rather than multiple clicks on the screen. 

Mobile app or websites should be designed so that it remembers the credentials and shows suggestions based on previous data, offering an autofill option to make the experience more accessible, hustle free, and provide users with minimal data input.

Single columns are the best 

We all love the simple and understandable designs on mobile. Users prefer the single columns layout for a seamless UX mobile experience rather than overlaying the phone screen with multiple rows and windows. It is one of the critical factors for the best user experience on a mobile device according to the expert website designers in London.

Hand controls and position

Most mobile phones fit our palm, and people like to use it one-handed or both hands as per their preference. The mobile app should be designed keeping both the cases in mind allowing the user to use one or both hands. 

Most used features and buttons must be placed where the users can easily access their thumb without much displacement.

It will be a good UX mobile design delivery to the user.

Design testing

Design testing is the crucial and fundamental principle for best UX mobile design. It is a great way to find out any errors, bugs, technical glitches in the app. Testing and optimizing the application is the best practice to provide the user with a flawless experience. 

Early testing always saves our time by fixing any issues at an early stage.


the development of smartphones is at its peak, and the competition is becoming tougher to catch up at this pace. Designing the app with the best UX is one of the best ways to keep up with the advancement of technology.

We hope this article helped educate you with some best practices you can implement in providing the user with the best UX mobile design experience.