The best practices to follow when using videos on a website

Best Practices For Using Videos On A Website

Videos have taken the internet by storm. With developing technology and upgrade of mobile devices, you can improvise videos to any required size. 

We know exceptionally well that websites that include videos create more traffic, increase sales and user experience. 

We recommend you to follow these best practices for using videos on a website: 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. 

Users prefer videos highlighting the point in the first few seconds. We suggest creating simple and precise videos capturing the interest of viewers. 

Don’t beat around the bush. It only irks the majority of people losing your credibility. 

Moreover, simple video expressions reach out to all age groups. 

Optimise with the suggested format 

We recommend you use the MP4 format, widely used for websites. Compress the file to a smaller size for easy download without compromising on the quality. If necessary, use data compression tools such as Handbrake or Format Factory. 

Add Call To Actions (CTAs)

Adding CTAs persuade user experience and specify the relevance of videos. Viewers are constantly looking out for quick access to resources. Providing CTAs actualise engaging content setting up for more conversions. 

Do away with audio 

Consider removing audio from muted videos as a job well done. When you automatically stream original videos with audio or sound, we know for sure it will irk viewers urging them to leave the website. You can quickly get rid of the audio from the original video or apply video editing software tools. 

Make good use of external hosting.  

An innovative means to stick to the smaller size videos and create space is externally hosting the videos. When hosting externally, it takes less time to buffer, allowing easy access to prospective viewers. The YouTube platform is one of the best choices for hosting your videos externally. However, we suggest you do your research and try out other platforms as well. 

Your presence on other platforms makes you known, which generates more viewers. 

Create relatable videos concerning your website content

Never use your power message on the videos with no mention in writing on your website home page. You may consider linking the video message to content articles on your website. There is a need for connection to every detail to build users trust and gradually improve SEO

Make sensible use of captions. 

Videos comprising of captions garner mixed responses. Some people don’t like the idea around it, but captions offer service even to those with hearing problems. It largely depends on the decisions of the business. However, including captions shows accountability and inclusiveness. 

We recommend giving viewers the option to click on captions according to their preference. It will also serve as a suitable marketing mechanism. 

Use video editing apps

Technology advancement wonders are that you have the opportunity for mind-blowing creations. Video editing apps gives an edge to the contents of your videos. You can add engaging filters or improvise on the quality of the video. 

Here are lists of some great video editing apps: 

  • Hyperlapse
  • InShot
  • Magisto
  • WeVideo
  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Wondershare Filmora


We know you want the best for your business. Videos add style and creativity to your website building your business leverage. Optimise with videos and build your empire.