Best web design projects we have worked on in 2020: Home Chef Direct

Our Best Projects: Home Chef Direct

Home Chef Direct believes that every single individual can enjoy healthy and nutritious food of restaurant standard. They stand strong in the truth and authenticity of high-quality restaurant food and takeaways. Home Chef Direct prepares meals that are of the highest quality and taste to all of its customers.

They utilize ingredients from local sources that are free from any harmful pesticides or chemicals. As a result of their popular food, they are held on a pedestal . They cater all the orders directly to the people at home. Everything is of high standard and reputation with home chef direct.

What We Did

We developed a modern webpage for Home Chef Direct recently. The brand focuses on e-commerce for food delivery services. They have a multitude of products, which makes having a website a prerequisite. We needed to make an easy-to-use website with a shopping feature for them. It would allow the buyers of any age range to make purchases online.

After speaking to various other agencies, Home Chef Direct decided to work with our professional website design team in London. We made a vibrant and bright homepage that perfectly displays the professional services that the brand offers to its customers. It carried such a unique aesthetic that the site required bespoke graphics to demonstrate this. We made sure that all of the pages possessed high responsiveness and contact forms for additional functionality.


Home Chef Direct garnered over 85% more traffic and 89% more conversions after its demonstration. There was about 97% return on investment (ROI) and an impressive 100% responsiveness. The brand also started witnessing an 81% lower bounce rate with a whopping 100% success rate.

Home Chef Direct has been delighted and more than satisfied with the outcome. Their success and happiness elevate us just as much as it did for their business. We are also pretty impressed with the layout and its delivery.

The Most Significant Change

This success of Home Chef Direct is the perfect example of a creation that checks all the boxes for an important client. Perhaps, the most prominent change for the brand would be the advancement and acceleration of its functionality. Since the elements of purchase and products have been completely adapted to the business requirements, you will notice the major changes.

Now you can see how the webpage will assist the brand in building up their online presence. It will continue to grow even more once it has garnered a suitable and favorable audience. The online presence of Home Chef Direct has grown so much, and it is continuing to gather so many favors.


We believe in being original and unique with our designs. There are many other brands out there that have impressive online audiences, but not all come up to the par. The themes and styles that we use are eye-catching yet simplistic. It is all about the delivery and the aesthetic, which we specialize in the most. We embrace authenticity and expect our clients to do the same. We relentlessly seek to promote a work ethic and satisfaction of higher standards.