Our best website design projects in 2020: Ops Squad

OPS Squad

The OPS Squad specializes in consumer and trade exhibitions/shows and events. They work for award-winning shows and events across the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond. They have over 50 years of expertise in award shows, exhibitions, conferences, operating on both trading and consumer events. The OPS Squad puts their professional attitude, experience, and friendly mannerisms in all of their works.

The reason behind its reputable brand is their excellent work ethic and personality. Working with the OPS Squad is like being in a single well-put-together team. They are very diligent with their assignments. We recently worked on successfully rebuilding their website. The work environment with them was fun and professional at the same time.

What We Did

Our London website designers began making a brand new website for the OPS Squad. The design comes with a clean and sleek style that compliments the colors of the brand. It is important for essential brand awareness. We made sure that the website was easy on the visitor’s eyes and displays the brand and its professionalism. The theme colors of the text and background tend to change based on which service page you are on. Every single page will appear different for the readers.

We developed a custom-made animated page that was added to promote clicking by site viewers for improved interactivity. We also made sure to create a Google map of custom navigation for the business. It will reveal an image from a specific city when the reader clicks on a pin.


The OPS Squad started obtaining 89% more traffic and 87% more conversions. Now they have about 94% of return on investment (ROI) with a responsiveness rate of 100%. There is a lower bounce rate of 84% with a stunning 100% success rate.


They are known throughout the United Kingdom with a massive following. They started witnessing a sudden increase with their audience. More customers began inquiring about them after designing. The accuracy and simplistic nature of the style did great for them.

The Most Notable Change

The new website of the OPS Squad carries a notable change in its branding. We began the execution process by ensuring all the colors were prominently in display. It enables the brand to create an online identity for their company that is recognizable by its customers. Plus, it will enable them to possess a professional image. In this way, the brand keeps attracting new customers every time.

Summing It Up!

The OPS Squad now has a major following across the United Kingdom, Europe, and even beyond. The fact that it is such well-known leaves out no room for any questionable judgments. It is fully reliable and convenient for its customers. We are grateful to be a part of its journey in bringing it to the forefront.

The OPS Squad now has a reputable status in the market. There are major improvements and enhancements with the new design. We prioritize the aim of bringing our client’s vision and goals into fruition. We crave nothing more but to help elevate the business of all of our clients