Best SEO plugins for WordPress

According to SEO Marketing Warrington, WordPress is created to offer some nice native features. The same is also created to offer great SEO plugins. You need to realize that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System according to the current ratings and standards. We need to inform you why it leads from the front. The main reason is that it is quite easy to set up a website and offer many different plugins to answers your needs. This is quite cool and thus resonates greatly with your desires. It is a great tool for developers who would prefer building their own functionalities though there are some great and nice options out there. These options are presented to you by SEO. With advance in technology comes a great level of functionality and operations to match your needs on the internet. Plugins for WordPress are therefore becoming so popular and thus gaining massive users as days go by. We have taken it upon ourselves to introduce you to the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. Remember that the rating is based on our personal survey and it’s not a universal view.

Order of the best SEO plugins for WordPress

According to our research, as SEO Marketing Warrington we have identified five of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. The same include:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • All in one SEO pack
  • SEO by Squirrly
  • SEO wizard
  • Greg’s High Performance SEO

We are therefore willing to give you a great guide to help you choose the best SEO plugins for WordPress regarding your SEO needs and expectations. I am sure that you might be looking for a plugin for different reasons. SEO Marketing Warrington believes that these reasons may inform you on the best SEO plugins for WordPress to go for. With careful scrutiny, you will agree with me that the right SEO plugin is among the five most popular ones we have identified for you. We therefore sample each of the five most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. The following are the different SEO plugins in their detailed forms.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

According to SEO Marketing Warrington this is the most famous SEO plugin for WordPress. It was developed by Joost de Valk and his company Yoast. It is unique in that it offers great and actionable SEO features. The plugin checks your posts based on a focus keyword. This is a great functionality. It looks at the URL, title, description, content, and more to make sure your post has a clear SEO focus. This is a great SEO plugin that works for you and grows your operations immensely. Imagine it to be likened to your SEO manager of all times. You can engage it and take advantage of how well it works. It is created to cover most of your SEO needs.

All in One SEO Pack

This is another great SEO plugin for WordPress specially designed for you. According to SEO Marketing Warrington the All in One plugin has great features to optimize your SEO. It was created by Micheal Torbert. He is a renowned WordPress developer. The unique plugin comes with among other great features: Google Analytics support, sitemap support, Duplicate content highlighter, SEO integration for ecommerce websites, Meta tag generation, Social media details as well as System status box. It is worth noting that All in One does not have as much features as WordPress SEO but it offers an easier approach. This is the reason why the plugin features among the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. Why go for other guesses when we have you well covered? Engage the Plugin and have your website set within the highest standards.

SEO By Squirrly

According to SEO Marketing Warrington this is another great SEO plugin. SEO by Squirrly focuses on content and keywords. It is equipped with a shared video presentation explaining how it is used. This means that there is no worry of how to use it based on any fear of lack of knowledge pertaining to its use. The same includes functions such as: Keyword analysis and research, SEO audit report, Green indicators about content, Compatibility with other plugin and Content marketing tracking. You may not have been taken through the beginner’s guide to guide you through the use of the SEO or to a larger extent SEO plugins for WordPress but with the video you will be more than equipped. Your content and keywords work greatly in providing you with the effectiveness you need with your plugins on WordPress.

SEO Press

The other great product is the SEOPress. This is a powerful plugin to optimize your SEO. You may need to understand how the same works. It helps boost your traffic, improve social sharing, build custom HTML and XML Sitemaps. In addition SEO Press helps to create optimized breadcrumbs, add schemas / Google Structured data types as well as manage redirects 301 and so much more. This is undoubtedly a great tool that you would rather not do without. It is important to note that the SEO Press plugin focuses on optimizing all the facets of your website. This is basically akin to managing your website. It basically takes the role of your assistant. It therefore comes with free features that are meant to assist you greatly. The free features include and not limited to: Installation wizard to quickly setup your site, Titles, Meta descriptions, Open Graph Data, Google Knowledge Graph, Google Analytics, Twitter Card, Canonical URL and Content analysis. This is the reason why we have rated it as one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. We believe our rating is right on point.

Greg’s High Performance SEO

According to SEO Marketing Warrington we have rated this tool among the most popular. The reason is that this plugin helps you develop your content visibility on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is great news if you were yearning to have visibility on such platforms. This high performance SEO includes: 100 on-page SEO characteristics, Conflict analyser, Secondary descriptions and titles as well as Duplicate content remover. This means great plugins for WordPress.