Best Tools For Keyword Research

Best Tools For Keyword Research

Keyword research tops the list when it comes to SEO practices and PPC marketing. You won’t be successful if you aren’t utilising the correct keywords, i.e., both long-tailed and short-tailed. So, for your business to flourish and reach its maximum potential, we will be referring you to some of the best SEO tools for keyword research.


Ubersuggest is a major tool for keyword research. This tool takes any type of keyword that you give and instantly provides a never-ending list of numerical and alphabetised keyword variants of the original keyword. It is possible to take a step deeper by inserting “bounce house ab, ac, ad” for uncovering additional keywords, which you can possibly bid on or utilise for SEO related purposes.

WordStream Keyword Tool

The keyword tool of WordStream is perfect for both PPC keyword search and SEO. This tool enables you to target some niches, offers more suggestions, and enables you to start grouping them based on a common type of theme for easy launches of the ad group. It provides you up to over 30 searches, all for free; then, you need to begin signing up for its WordStream advisor for additionally using it.


Serpstat consists of an SEO platform that has the “All-In-One” feature. It also features the function of keyword research. This tool possesses unique features, which can assist in optimising your site. It will also to get ahead in the competition of websites. This platform is page-oriented and allows in-depth analysis. It is easily possible to locate rivals and start defining the missing keywords for entire domains or a single URL.

It is also possible to start viewing the historical position data in an array of pages that is phrase organised. You can also view the pages that have started to drop in rank, including their distribution of rank as a %. It comes in quite handy for comparing data from varying time periods, including observing changes over time, all based on factors like algorithm updates and more.

Google Keyword Planner

How can we ever forget to include the Google Keyword Planner on our list? It acts as the omega and alpha when it comes to tools for keyword research. But you need to create a GoogleAds account to access it. You can use this tool for free. It will show you certain neat stats such as the cost per click on an average, average monthly searches, and the competition level. It won’t provide you with the same keyword suggestions; however, it will suggest you more variations and synonyms compared to most tools.


Soovle enables users to begin exploring keywords that are the most typed within the several search engines depending on the keyword’s root. Here, even eBay and Amazon fall on the list. Yes, it is great to use at all times, but this tool also acts as an excellent brainstormer. This tool will start auto-generating its own ideas as you start to slowly type in your ideas.