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Best WordPress Plugins for Lead Generation

With a wide range of varieties for lead generation plugins, it can be a stressful hunt to select the right WordPress plugins that will help you to grow your business affairs and marketing.

Lead Generation Plugins

Lead generation plugins for WordPress are tools that will help you gather more visitors and interested customers on your website. Although there are numerous ways to grab a visitor’s attention, it is efficiently useful for digital business purposes. 

It is always a challenge to make your website visitors into a customer, and this is where lead generation comes into the picture. It helps you to get maximum support.

WordPress is our favourite CMS, and almost every website design project our Manchester agency undertakes is completed on WordPress. So when it comes to finding the best plugins to increase leads on a WordPress website, we know what we’re talking about.

Below are some roles of lead generation for your website:

  • It allows booking a call appointment with your sales team
  • It makes it convenient for customers to contact your company.
  • Subscribe to your newsletters
  • Interact with your company with the help of a chat support system
  • Register an inquiry.
  • And more.

Some of the benefits of installing a lead generation plugin includes:

  • Useful lead generation plugin offers features such as floating bars, whelming welcome display in full screen, and popups.
  • Going over the hood with a flow of notifications and popups can frustrate your visitors. With lead generation, specific plugins will display popups to the targeted audience at the right time.
  • It offers an easy integration that smoothly functions with some giants email marketing companies.


Here is the list of some of the best best lead generation plugins for your WordPress website:


OptinMonster is known for its well-built lead generation for your WordPress website. It has services with an in-built template that converts your frequent visitors into subscribers. You can display customised notes for each website visitors depending upon their location and their interest.

Some primary function of OptinMonster is:

  • When your visitor is about to leave the website, this plugin’s remarkable ability to detect the exiting visitors allows you to send a customised message at the right moment and recover the visitor’s attention.
  • OptinMonster has an onsite follow-up campaign for your visitors to increase engagement.
  • Based on the previous visit, OptinMonster will target special offers and deals for the visitors. This feature is known as onsite retargeting.
  • Cookies retargeting is another feature offered by OptinMonster to increase the conversion rate based on visitors’ data such as gender, location, and age.

This plugin comes with four levels of pricing. You can select as per the package and plan they offer. You can get the full advanced features from their pro package and growth package plan.


LiveChat is known for its powerful function. It lets you interact with your visitors or customers through chat from your WordPress website in real-time. 

LiveChat is easy to operate and displays the chat box at the bottom right corner of your site. The LiveChat plugin gives you the potential to solve the customer’s issues on the spot most of the time.

You can also get honest feedback on what keeps your visitors from converting them into permanent subscribers. It comes with a 14-day trial, and you can get a 30% discount and an extended 30-day trial with LiveChat Coupon.


The WPForms plugin is known for its best drag and drop form

builder or contacts form builder. It integrates with your top favourite email marketing services providers and automatically adds it to your mailing list. 

It has more than 100 inbuilt form templates like newsletter signup form, registration form of online events, signup form for a personal trainer, questionnaire form and more where you can customise with the drag and drop feature from the start. Each form registered is safe and secure with the WordPress database. 

An email is automatically sent to you every time someone registers a form, and you also have the options to turn on or turn off the email notification as per your preference.

MailChimp for WordPress 

If you are looking to expand your mailing list, MailChimp for WordPress offers you up to 2,000 mailing list subscribers for free. 

You can also add more subscribers manually to your email list directly from your WordPress website.

Mailchimp is a free plugin. However, it also comes with addons like Captcha, Top Bar and more in the premium version.


This WordPress plugin is best known for its push notification feature. It is easy to install and operate with just a few clicks when you create your account. It gives the flexibility to the visitor to allow or block the notification according to their choice.

The freep lan for OneSignal comes with an irresistible feature that covers unlimited on mobile and over 30,000 desktops.

Thrive Leads 

Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin that offers a service to dragging and dropping feature for creating various forms.

Initially, Thrive Leads plugin was developed as a plugin for WordPress and tends to immensely impact your website’s loading speed by slowing down due to its shared hosting nature. WPFroms could be a great alternative to thrive leads plugin for lead generation.


This WordPress chatbot plugin has the power of AI, which helps you engage with your potential leads through a chatbot 24/7. It is known for its very user friendly and easy to integrate with most of the application. 

It’s pre-designed layouts and templates make the process of lead generation simple. Chatbot offers the services to book an appointment via calls and gives you the ability to sell your products directly through the chatbot window.

It is very compatible with the Facebook messenger from your site, which boosts the chance to grow your business.

Which plugin is best for your website?

It is undeniable that we all need the best WordPress plugins for our business to grow and reach huge potential leads. You can now choose the best plugins that are suitable for your website. Every WordPress plugin comes with its unique, powerful tool designed for a specific purpose. It is always a good idea to know your business needs first and proceed with the right plugin that will help you to grow your website and convert your website visitors into loyal customer.