Do Big Companies Use WordPress to Run their Website?

WordPress is a popular website-building platform for small and medium businesses. But, this wonderful platform is equally good for large-scale websites, major brands, and websites that see heavy traffic. In fact, many major brands around the world have their websites built on WordPress.

There is a misconception that WordPress, being an open source platform, is unsafe for big brand websites. There is also a misconception that WordPress does not support scalability – it is not flexible enough to include new features as the business, and the website, expand. Businesses also mistake WordPress to be a very slow platform that cannot manage huge user traffic.

Proving all the misconceptions wrong are several big brand and heavy-user websites that are using custom WordPress websites to promote their business and brands. Your business too can benefit from a WordPress website.

With the right Warrington website design company to customise your website to your business needs, you can have a simple and high-performing WordPress website that delivers all desired results.

Leading Brands using WordPress Platform

Reuters Blogs – The well-designed blog of the international news agency rests efficiently on WordPress. With a clear menu header for every news category and a simple and easy navigation, Reuters Blogs succeeds in keeping visitors up-to-date on everything around the world.

Bloomberg Professional – Bloomberg Professional provides information and technology solutions, including finance and business news and insights, for organisations worldwide. The company has a superbly-designed website that provides clear information about all the company’s products. With a neat and clear navigation, users get easy access to all required information. The website also integrates several features including images, videos, and social media integration, for efficient user activity.

MTV News – This is the news website of MTV, delivering the latest happenings in music, reality entertainment, and youth cultural trends. The website is heavy on images and videos, but loads amazingly fast, and provides an enhanced user experience for MTV fans.

Official Website of Sweden – This website delivers all facts and information about Sweden, including the country’s culture, fashion, business, and society. Designed to be simple and beautiful, the website has a neat and image-based layout to keep audiences engaged and tuned into the facts about the country.

M&S Corporate Gifts Website – Designed for the business’ corporate customers, this website is the corporate gifts division of Marks & Spencer. The website is efficiently designed with custom slides, image-based menus, search features, well-placed calls-to-action, including sign-up forms, and a blog, for full coverage of all products, solutions, and insights, related to the leading retail brand.

There are several other major brands that use this awesome platform with its multiple features to efficiently project their business:


BBC America

Official blog of Star Wars

Sony Music

Microsoft News Center


The Walt Disney Company

Time Inc.

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

Vogue India


Harvard Gazette Online

Why WordPress is So Popular among Big Brands

Cost-Effective – Whether you are a big brand, a start-up, or a small-to-medium-sized business, the bottom line of any business is to save costs. With WordPress, you get an open source platform, which means you don’t have to pay any type of licensing fee to any company.

This means the cost of developing a website using WordPress is very less, compared to proprietary (company or individual-owned) platforms. In addition, given the popularity of WordPress across the globe, there are several professional Warrington website design companies offering website development and maintenance services at highly affordable costs.

Open source also means that there is a dedicated community of developers working on the backend to make WordPress more efficient with each passing day. So, if you are looking for a specific feature for your website, chances are it could already be existing, which means you’ll save costs on expensive custom development.

WordPress is Very Safe – From simple websites to high-end eCommerce websites, WordPress is a secure platform for any type of website. With high-end plugins, and a dedicated developer community working on security updates continuously, WordPress is one of the safest platforms you could have!

WordPress Offers Great Choice in Customisation: The present version of WordPress comes with 2500+ free themes and 50,000+ free plugins. If these are not enough, there are several thousands of paid plugins and themes to suit your every need.

In addition, WordPress, by its very structure, is search engine-friendly. High standards of coding are used. This standard makes WordPress coding semantic mark-up-compatible – coding describes not just the look of a webpage, but also the content within it. This feature adds to the platform’s search-engine-friendliness.

There are several free and paid plugins that you could use to make your website extremely search-engine-friendly.

More Facts about WordPress that Make It Interesting for your Business

WordPress is not an exclusive property of any company or person. The ownership of the trademark of WordPress, however, is held by WordPress Foundation.

Translated versions of WordPress are available in 65+ languages!

WordPress self-updates for small releases, and for high-threat vulnerabilities capable of affecting millions of websites.

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional WordPress Agency

Get a website completely customised to your business vision, in terms of looks, features and user experience.

Benefit from the specialist expertise of the Warrington website design agency. Get the most reliable, safe and high-performing plugins and themes for your business!

Keep your website up-to-date and extremely safe with the latest theme, plugin, and version updates. With up-to-date maintenance, a specialist agency helps you do it!

Choose WordPress Confidently!

Several big brands go for custom-built WordPress websites. With a professional Warrington website design agency, it is possible to use the platform with its existing features and settings, each customised to your business.

If you are looking for a completely customised website, an expert Warrington website design company can use the platform to build your website from scratch. It is this fantastic flexibility of the platform to mould itself to any requirement that makes it preferable for big brands.

Partner with a reliable Warrington website design company for custom capabilities, including coding language and features. Watch your brand grow!

Written and Published by Blue Whale Media.

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