The Biggest Reasons People Leave Your Website

If you\’ve noticed that people are leaving your website, you most likely believe it\’s because the page is \”bad enough.\” But, the reason might be oversimplification since the answer entails lots of factors. If your site isn\’t exciting, then you should know the reason. Unfortunately, the explanation won\’t be as simple as the answer portrays – Web Design Liverpool.

If your main page isn\’t converting as anticipated, for example, you can\’t simply blame it on the poor duplicate. Thus, embrace a more factual methodology and start measuring your website\’s progress. With the figures available, you can make the necessary changes to retain your visitors and increase your conversion rates.

Five reasons people might be leaving your site:

Slow website

As a shopper, your time is of the essence. An eatery that takes too long even to consider taking an order makes their customers feel unwanted and unwelcome. As a result, they\’re forced to search for alternatives where they can get the same type of food but better service.

This is the thing that visitors feel with a moderate stacking site. Instead of taking as much time as necessary to trust that the site will stack, they can jump onto another website that contains the same information as yours. But that stacks a bit faster.

You\’d imagine that three seconds is too small a safety buffer to make a difference. But, every second checks with your site\’s stacking speed. The longer it takes for it to stack completely, the more visitors you\’ll lose, even before they see your content.

Unattractive web design

Given 15 minutes to consume content, 66% of people would prefer to read something beautifully designed than something plain. Finding some harmony between capacity and design has been a challenge for site owners – Web Design Liverpool.

Appearance assumes a role in keeping people engaged with your site. Offering some incentive never again means giving them useful and actionable content. That is the reason you need to approach content creation on a comprehensive level.

It\’s not responsive

Mobile users have a hard time browsing the websites because they have to swipe left and appropriate to view different pieces of the page. By making your site mobile-friendly, users will have to swipe here and there on their screens. This makes the user experience significantly more intuitive and more convenient, increasing the plausibility of your visitors staying and browsing the content.

The content is unoptimised

It\’s cool if you can produce posts worth a huge number of words. However, unless your post is brimming with value, not all readers will read your post in the same words.

Visitors don\’t know what to do

Your CTA ought to be the reason why your page exists in any case. A well-defined objective for your site and its pages allows you to build a better relationship with your readers and audience. By determining the sort of CTA each of your pages needs, you\’ll be able to encourage people to remain on your website and engage with it even more.

Even if you entail a CTA, the chances of getting more than 5% from it are thin. There are lots of factors incorporated in increasing your conversion rate aside from your CTA.


Insights are in no way, shape, or form a be-all-end-all metric to judge anything. However, they are helpful markers that make sense of user behaviour and activity. In this case, details give breadth to your website\’s performance and how much your target audience likes or hates your site. Being aware of the measurements and following the tips above improve your site systemically and see your very own details change – Web Design Liverpool.

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