Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies that Worked Wonders

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies that Worked Wonders

The year is coming to an end. But for shopping addicts, the buzz is just about to start. November is one of the busiest times of the year for shoppers and online retailers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will show up on your phones soon. And we’ve seen success stories of many sellers who earned big during the November rush. Our team at Blue Whale Media has been researching the best marketing tricks businesses use to sell and promote their services.

A brief analysis of sales records during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals attract more customers than regular shopping deals. It is during this period that offers an increase in sales exponentially, which leads to more investments. Thus, it increases the number of sold products.

A sales analysis from 2019 showed that retailers worldwide made up to $5.5 billion on Black Friday alone. And this does not include the figures from Cyber Monday sales. Cyber Monday has broken spending records in the US and the UK; the numbers increase every year as more people turn to Cyber week to find the best deals.

How did retailers make this work?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are increasing in popularity every year. What is the reason behind this? What strategies did different companies use in their marketing campaigns to boost sales and conversion rates? We’re going to find out. Keep reading below.

  1. Engaging and customised campaigns – To engage the audience, you can create personalised campaigns. We can draw inspiration from cosmetic brands like Karen Millen. They would opt for an all-black theme for their ads in the previous years, keeping up with the Black Friday vibes. Furthermore, we can also offer catchy discount codes as ASOS did in their 2016 Black Friday deal.
  2. No “beating around the bush” promotions – Sometimes, all it takes is a confident and laid-back approach to attract customers. And this is precisely where tech giants like Dell and Apple have benefitted from. Apple went with the most minimal approach by simply displaying a watch with a black screen that read, “Friday 25.” This simple yet effective approach was enough to lure customers to their deals. Just a simple banner that displayed their Black Friday deals did the job.
  3. Add visuals and themes – If you’re not a fan of minimal designs, why not go all-in? Much like Canon and Crocs did back in 2016, you can customise your sites to match the Black Friday and Cyber Monday mood. Canon featured their deals using a slot machine-like visual where the deals would change as we swipe up or down.

So did these stories inspire you to create your success story? If it did, it’s your time to shine. Don’t be afraid of taking risks; most companies struck gold while taking bold risks and so should you. If you’d like more information on how to make the most of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Strategy, then get in touch with Blue Whale Media today.