Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tips For Boosting Sales and Standing Out

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tips For Boosting Sales and Standing Out

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are something that every shopper looks forward to because of the major sales, crazy deals, and discounts. These holidays take place on the 26th and 29th of November, respectively.

Our team at Blue Whale Media has prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday well before the festive shopping dates come around. Here are their tips for boosting sales and standing out from the crowds.

Email, Email, Email

Increase your email marketing, everyone’s email inbox will be filled with a lot of promotions, but when people are actively looking for sales and promotions, these emails will be more than welcome. Start early by sending out a pre-Black Friday flash sale or a Cyber Monday teaser alerting them deals you’re pushing this holiday weekend.

Avoid Competing

You should always focus on stuff that you are great at. So, you need to avoid competing with steep discounts stemming from bigger brands. Why? Because it will finish all your margins, try to put a stop to your attempts in matching the deals and prices of the retail giants.

Strategic Sales

These events will always have significant deals; if your business is running sales, then be strategic with the way you carry things out. As a retailer, make sure to put discounts on bundles or set of products instead of single items. You can also apply major discounts to entice people in but then apply certain conditions to your discounts.

Prioritise Online Efforts

The majority of the shoppers are online nowadays. So, e-commerce sites have a big responsibility here. Your e-commerce website should be able to support excess traffic, which comes during these events. Also, if you happen to run any specials, then ensure that they are easily visible and discoverable. Come up with creative banners announcing deals and discounts that entices people.

Ignite Excitement

To create excitement and buzz among the viewers, make sure to post online teasers about such events. You can start counting down on any and all upcoming sales and discounts you’ll be offering for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday by posting a daily on your social media. You can do so through the use of social media; being active on social networks helps to increase engagement with your potential customers because they are mostly present on these platforms.

Team Collaboration

During these events, you can approach, connect, and partner with other brands to boost results. You can resort to cross promos or share costs in marketing your offerings.

Exclusive Promotions

If you aren’t interested in blanket promos but still wish to come up with something fun during such events, start being exclusive with all your initiatives. Do so by reaching out to all the top consumers and organising private events or sales for them.

At Blue Whale Media, our Black Friday and Cyber Monday preparation is started well before October, as we look back on last year and how we can improve. It can come around quickly; November and December show up faster than you think, so get in touch today for more information about how to get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.