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Blog Designs That Will Make People Want To Read Your Content

In today’s world of digital media, people want information instantly and to be satisfied quickly. If a user encounters a problem or cannot find what they are looking for within the first few seconds of loading a website, they will leave – according to the best website designers in Liverpool. In this blog, I will give some insightful tips on how you can improve your blog and engage visitors to read your content!

Make It Easy

Finding, navigating and reading your content should be effortless for a user. Ensure your blogs are organised and structured in an easy-to-read and relevant format, with obvious navigational methods and readable content.

  • Keep your blogs uncluttered with the use of relevant categories that each blog can easily be parented to.
  • If you sell ad space on your blog, ensure your ads are not intrusive and invasive for your visitors, especially mobile users.
  • Have clear call to actions: show users where they should go when they finish reading a blog, or instantly load a new blog with infinite scrolling.

Don’t Make People Wait

As I pointed out in the first paragraph, people want thinks instantly. Research has shown that 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. If your website and content is slow to load, people aren’t going to wait for it: they’ll just bounce and find another source of information instead.

Fresh Content

This can be subjective depending on the topic and niche, but it is generally important to ensure your content is fresh and up to date. If your topic is considerably evergreen and remains relevant, it is still important to remember to update your blog with updated information as time goes on. From personal experience, after I have searched in Google I often don’t click on results that have a considerable old date tag in the search result – and I’m not the only person who does this. Keeping your blog up to date with the latest information allows your content to constantly remain fresh and relevant with the times.

Promote Your Best Content

The majority of bloggers will simply layout their blogs by the newest post first, and oldest post last. There’s nothing wrong with this layout, but this layout alone fails to cater towards your best content. If you find one of your blogs is driving a considerable amount of interest and traffic, you should take the initiative to promote it through things such as social media and sticky posts on your website.