Blogging Time. New BWM Site. New Products. Still Much to Do.

My 2nd Blog (Only 12 Weeks Late)

Like I said in my Blog 12 weeks ago, I’m finding it hard to find the time to write blogs, but I wanted to make an effort to write a new blog every week. I also said it was on a Sunday when I was writing the blog.

Ok so I have failed miserably to write a blog every week. However, its only 9pm on Sunday night when I am writing this blog. That’s progress right?

I still maintain that Blogging is important and luckily writing a blog is not what I am paid to do every day.  Thankfully, Blue Whale has a full content writing team based at the Warrington Office that produces great blogs, articles and newsletters every day for Blue Whale and our growing customer base.

Since my last Blog (when I spoke about how important content is to running a successful website) I have seen even more new business and existing businesses contact our content writing team asking for help to create Engaging, Google Friendly Content for their websites.

All I can think is that the whole “Content Is King” saying is catching on with all different types of businesses. Trust me, keep creating content and you will see your website improve in the organic search results.

New Blue Whale Media Website Goes Live – Nothing Is Ever Finished

Firstly, I would like to thank the whole Blue Whale Team for the effort and time in getting the new Blue Whale Media Ltd website finished and live. Every member of staff in every department has worked long and hard on getting this new site right and ready to go live.

It has taken 9 months to get the site to a stage where we said “ its go to go live”. I have to admit, we did not anticipate it would take 9 months and I definitely have drove everybody up the wall with my input and suggestions. So for that I am Sorry guys.

Staff and Friends have asked me “you must be happy the site is finished?”

my response – “Yes I am happy its live” … “No its definitely not finished.”

Now you may be thinking… Why put a site live if it is not finished?

A Website is Never Truly Finished

The answer is really simple. A website is never finished. A website is how your business is accessed by the rest of the world which yes includes your local customer target market. So why would you not update and add to your website to keep it fresh and current?

You don’t let your business stagnate, so why would you let your businesses portal to the rest of the world become boring and dated. Remember, your website is used daily by people who do not know how brilliant your business is so DON’T let them see a boring and stale website.

In short, I have loads of ideas and plans for the new Blue Whale Media website. I simply just need time to plan and build the features. My team at the office reading this blog will probably be reaching for the hard stuff thinking .. “No more ideas Gary, please.” But the truth is, we all know we have so much to offer the internet and this new website is just the start of some amazing things to come. Stay tuned and visit the site again soon.

New Products!

Look I am at 572 words already and time is ticking, so I will keep this brief for now as I could write a whole blog on the new products we are working on. However, I can give you a little insight into what will be coming soon.

We are working on a new way for existing customers and potential new customers to understand more about SEO and purchase SEO Services without feeling lost or unsure. I want to smash the smoke and mirrors myth about SEO and give people that are using our site a place which showcases all the different available SEO products clearly.

Each SEO product will clearly state what it aims to do and why it forms part of any SEO strategy. This new section to the website will be different to anything else you may find online. Forget the Gold, Silver, Bronze packages nearly every SEO company asks you to pick from. I want to make SEO easy. Does easy mean cheap? No it does not.

However, did you really ever believe you will get No:1 spot on Google for a generic search term by going with the “Gold” package… Sorry but let’s get serious. White Hat SEO takes time and costs money on a monthly basis. Don’t kid yourself that paying £99.00 as a one off fee is going to produce the miracle 1st page result.

Once our new SEO Products and Section has been created, it will be like a high quality product SEO Pick and Mix. Each product will be backed up with the truth about what it does and how it works. Then simply pick the products and prices that suit your needs or contact our team to help you understand what will work based on your expectations and budget. If your budget does not work for your search terms, then we will tell you.

Well that’s it for this blog. Keep an eye out for my next one. Hopefully it won’t be anther 12 weeks.

If you have any questions- contact the team on: 01925 552 050 or Email: [email protected]

See you next time.

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