Blue Whale Media Charity Partner 2021

Blue Whale Media Charity Partner 2021

Corporate-charity partnerships bring benefits to both sides, such as improved public visibility, enhanced fundraising power and increased audience reach. For small corporate businesses, the decision to partner with a charity may seem outlandish.

On top of supporting something you and your customers believe in, many small businesses find that partnering with a charity expands marketing opportunities, helps the company better connect with customers and creates essential networking opportunities. 


At Blue Whale Media, we partner with a charity every year to design and create a new website or redesign their old website. As we are a family run business, helping a good cause like a charity is close to everything we do as a web design company. This is why we have been reaching out to charities who may be interested in becoming our 2021 charity partner and having a website built for free. 

Benefits can be very fruitful when working with a charitable company; here are the two main reason why partnering with a charity is good: 

  1. Cultural influences – a brand can primarily work with a charity to offer a moral contribution, which helps the brand as much as it allows the charity. 
  2. Brand leverage – some firms prefer to associate themselves due to the benefits it brings to their consumer and public reputation. 

Creating a business relationship with a charity 

When it comes to your relationship with the charity you have chosen, there are many options. Just like we have donated our services, other small businesses can work with local charities. No matter what form your partnership takes, it should always be sustainable for your business and create real benefits for the charity you are working with. 

Most small businesses find it more valuable to partner with a charity whose members include their niche customers than merely opting for size, think of how a charity aligns with your brand and how easier it will be to target their audiences. 

Key steps when partnering with a charity 

  • Find your tone of voice. Some public charities can be a little sceptical about corporate partnerships. It’s important to start by understanding the portrayal of a partnership to your audience. Then, you need to find the right time of voice and a way of communicating how your help could be making a difference in people’s lives. 
  • Align with their services. More and more companies are partnering with charities that align with their products or values to make a more tangible difference to the underlying cause. 
  • Grow their brand. How do you make a partnership and cause seem more appealing? You need to create a proposal that really matches each party’s mission, vision and values. Then, you need to emphasise the big difference to the underlying cause. 
  • Evidence of the big impact. Tangible results are the easiest to communicate and the most effective way to resonate with their audience. Focus on the big numbers as well as documenting the stories of real people’s lives being impacted. 

Partnering with a charity is admittedly a bold move for a small business and it is one that requires significant work at times. When it’s done correctly, the partnership can pay dividends, drastically amplify brand awareness and unlock networking opportunities for you and the charity. 

If you have a charity in mind, contact Blue Whale Media today for more information.