Blue Whale Media On Ice!

Blue Whale Media On Ice

Now we’re not talking about sparkly dressy and spotlights shining down whilst we’re twirling in the air showing off our best moves. No no no, we’re talking about clinging on to the edge as if our stability depended on it. 

That’s right! Blue Whale Media hit the ice rink on the 5th of October at Planet Ice in Altrincham to show off their best moves.

The evening was filled with laughter and desperate attempts to stay upright. It’s safe to say that everyone tried their best. But some definitely left with some whopping bruises.

Our Special Shoutouts!

  • Alex, our Head of Design, took home the trophy for the number of times someone fell over on the ice. 
  • Maeve, our ice skating superstar, surprised us with her show-stopping moves! She was definitely our saviour helping to keep the rest of the team vertical.

  • Rumour has it that Josh and Danielle raced to see who was the fastest speed skater. But there are conflicting stories on who the real winner is…

  • Alex may have been the most clumsy, but he took the most risks! He attempted a very graceful jump that impressed the Blue Whale Media judges (who are very hard to impress). 

    One person had this to say about his jump “Yeah, that was surprisingly decent.”

  • On the other hand, Ben needed his peers’ support at all times. Handholding and words of encouragement helped Ben to navigate his way around the ice. But with the help of his fellow colleagues, he managed to put his best skate forward.

Overall, we had a fantastic time and can’t wait for our next staff event!  

Next up, Chill FactorE! Follow our social media @bluewhalemedia to see what other staff events we will get up to! Or check out some of our previous staff events here: