Blue Whale Media, Six Months Later!

In a fast-paced business that is growing exponentially, you need to keep up. In the six months, I have been working at Blue Whale Media there has been a ton of change. We have grown our team adding several people who are experts in their field. We have also extended our services to improve capability’s in the market. We want to be able to do everything the best we can. This way existing customers who already have trust in us can come to us with anything else they may require. We want to proudly say; Blue Whale Media is a full Digital Agency.

Career Growth

Blue Whale Media as a business has grown but so has the individuals who make up the great team we have here. I started Blue Whale Media as an Account Manager while working towards my customer service qualification but on my journey, Gary (managing director) and Stephanie (operations director) realised I was more suited to Sales as I am confident and have clear communication when speaking with clients. So, I moved into my new role of a Sales Executive. I have been in this role for a while now and have learnt a lot although there is still a while to go. I am still working towards my qualifications while attending in-house training sessions. I hope to progress further in the future.

Personal Growth

A lot of my week is spent at Blue Whale Media which has taken a massive impact on my life outside of work. A lot of people may see work as just… work. A place they go to earn their money although Blue Whale Media has given me so much more than that. I now have a routine in my daily life allowing me to work towards a better me. It has given me structure. I am much more of a positive person taking any challenges I face on the chin. I communicate with a sea of different clients. As I speak to new people who all have their own questions, needs and requirements I am often put on the spot. Facing this daily has made me very confident in myself when communicating.

My Achievements

My career and personal growth are achievements on their own, but I have also accomplished much more from charity events to online courses. As Blue Whale Media is big on training and developing their staff I have taken several online courses including GDPR, Minute Taking, Cyber Security and Customer Service. We are also big on community. We have taken part in many events dedicated to a charity or to raise money for charity. We conquered Snowdon raising £500 from donations and a further £500 was donated from us, Blue Whale Media. This was to help a local charity; Animal Welfare Warrington.

Where I Hope to Be In Six Months

I have already progressed so much in the short space I have been here, and I hope to progress so much more. I have learned things I never thought I would, and I have developed as an employee. I hope to move my career forward by becoming a team manager. I want to improve my skills as a Sales Executive. I also want to be more independent within my role.

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