Blue Whale Media Supports Walk the Wight Fundraiser

Walk the Wight Fundraiser is the pet project of Sarah Groves. She has been fundraising along with her little boy Benjamin who is fighting cerebral palsy like no else can. All of five, this little boy wonder has shown the world what it takes to prove doctors wrong. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy very early, Benjamin was given no chance of ever walking or talking, but his fighting spirit has only proved otherwise. Blue Whale Media supports Sarah Groves and her Walk the Wight Fundraiser.

Why the Fundraiser?

Sarah Groves is organising the fundraiser for a noble cause. When Benjamin will walk the 4-mile distance for the Walk the Wight, the money collected will be handed over to Mountbatten Hospice. The last time the event took place, Sarah and Benjamin managed to raise £1,800. For every £5 that’s donated, you receive 3 raffle tickets. But there is more! At Blue Whale Media, we are really excited to be part of this fundraising initiative. In fact, we want to encourage you to join the fundraising. As part of our efforts to spread the word, we are adding a prize to the raffle – a £20 Tesco Gift Card.

Why We Want You to Be There?

Fundraisers come and go, but it is not always that someone who was never expected to sit up, let alone walk; shows the world what a little willpower can do. And Benjamin does it again. His last year’s 4-mile walk was an eye-opener for many. And the number of people who turned up to support him only showed how all of us can make the world a better place to live, one step at a time!

Praises all the Way

Blue Whale Media offers high quality web design and digital marketing solutions. While we garner accolades for our work in this field, we also take pride in the fact that our efforts extend beyond the daily work routine. It takes efforts and more than just willpower to do what Benjamin is standing up for. Fighting cerebral palsy, smiling through the pain and yet showing the world that a lot can be done with a little will power, we at Blue Whale Media have nothing but praises for little Benjamin’s great conquests. Step up and join us in appreciating and applauding Benjamin’s Walk the Wight Fundraiser supported by Blue Whale Media.

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