Blue Whale Media Talk iPad Pro!

With special features and a stunning new look, the iPad Pro is all set to take the market by storm. You will surely want your website to function perfectly on the all new iPad Pro. Let’s check out the fresh features of iPad Pro to understand the responsive web design requirements for your website.

Retina Display

The iPad Pro comes with a 12.9-inch screen display to enable you to do everything that you have ever wanted. With 5.6 million pixels, the iPad Pro provides the highest resolution retina display among any of the previous iOS devices.

A9X Chip

The iPad Pro comes with A9X, a third generation chip which delivers up to 1.8 times the CPU performance and twice the graphic performance of iPad Air 2.

iOS 9

iOS 9 is the most advanced and secure mobile operating system in the world. With its new advanced features, you can not only be more creative but also carry out multitasking by running two apps simultaneously.

More Apps

The iPad Pro comes with all new in-built apps for not only your essential needs but for fun and enjoyment, too. Moreover, the App Store will also feature irresistible new apps designed only for the iPad Pro.

A Rich Audio-Visual Experience

With the expansive display and built-in hi-fi speakers, the audio-visual experience of iPad Pro is simply amazing. And what’s more? The sound level adjusts itself automatically, depending on whether you are watching a movie or playing a movie.

Input Device

The iPad Pro can be attached to a full-size portable keyboard that enables a two-way exchange of power and data with the help of a Smart Connector.

Make the most of your iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil for any special effects that you may need to create on your screen. It is sensitive to both tilt and pressure.

Touch ID

The iPad Pro has a touch ID technology to convert your fingerprint into your unique password.

Responsive Web Design

With these distinctive features of the iPad Pro, you will need responsive web design to enable your website to function seamlessly on the new device. Focus on the new features which will require modifications for the perfect functioning of your website.

We, at Blue Whale Media, have years of experience and extensive web design knowledge to provide you with just the technical support that you may require for responsive web design for the iPad Pro. Contact us at 01925 552050 and get answers to all your problems.

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