Muse Awards Winner - 2024 Silver Award. Winners of Corporate Branding - Brand Creation for Cresco.

Blue Whale Media Wins the Muse Awards 2024 Silver Award for Corporate Branding – Cresco

We at Blue Whale Media are thrilled to announce a shining moment in our journey — winning the prestigious Muse Awards 2024 Silver Award in Corporate Branding for Cresco Brand Creation. This recognition comes for our brand creation for Cresco, a trailblazer in sustainable construction materials.

A Glimpse into Cresco: Innovating for a Sustainable Future

Cresco is redefining the construction industry with their innovative approach to low-carbon panelling. With a mission rooted in eco-consciousness, they aim to transform the construction landscape by reducing carbon emissions and minimising waste. Our challenge was to create a brand identity that reflects Cresco’s commitment to sustainability and appeals to their primary audience of architects and design professionals.

The Essence of Our Award-Winning Brand Creation

Muted Colour Palette: Reflecting Earth and Architecture

We chose a muted colour palette dominated by beige and grey, colours that evoke the earthiness of Cresco’s materials. This choice is a conscious nod to the natural and grounded elements of construction, setting Cresco apart in an industry often characterised by brighter, more conventional palettes. This distinctive approach not only highlights Cresco’s dedication to sustainability but also resonates with the architectural aesthetic appreciated by their clientele.

Logo Design: Bauhaus Inspiration and Symbolism

Our logo design draws inspiration from the Bauhaus style, known for its clean lines and geometric shapes. The result is a distinct ‘C’ logo, which is both modern and timeless, mirroring Cresco’s dedication to precision and innovation in sustainable construction. The logo incorporates a small star nestled within the circle of the ‘C,’ symbolising Cresco’s leadership in sustainability — a beacon guiding the industry towards a greener future.

Core Innovation: Biotechnological Advancements in Construction

Cresco’s innovative use of biotechnology in manufacturing their building materials is central to their brand. These materials are not only environmentally friendly but also exceptionally durable, water, and fire-resistant. Our branding reflects this innovation, emphasising the advanced processes that significantly lower the industry’s carbon footprint by utilising high percentages of recycled waste.

Impact and Recognition: Setting a New Industry Standard

Our branding strategy for Cresco has set a new standard for how construction brands can resonate with audiences while emphasising sustainable practices. Winning the Muse Awards 2024 Silver Award is not just a testament to our creative expertise at Blue Whale Media but also a recognition of our ability to envision and execute branding that makes a difference.

As we celebrate this achievement, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of design and branding, helping our clients like Cresco make a significant impact in their industries. This award reaffirms our direction and fuels our passion for creativity and excellence in all we do.

Thank you to the Muse Awards for this honour, and to Cresco for entrusting us with their vision. Here’s to more innovative, sustainable, and award-winning projects in the future!