Blue Whale Media’s new website is on the way

It’s a very exciting time to be working for Blue Whale Media Ltd. Not only do we have twenty client websites in build, we also have our new website on the way. It has taken us three years to get to a point where we are redesigning the website and we couldn’t be happier with how it is starting to look. We hope you are all going to be impressed with all the new design features and tricks we have implemented to help show off our skills.


Why has it taken three years?

Well unfortunately (kind of) the client always comes first? Blue Whale Media Ltd has been privileged to have been going through a huge growth over the past three years. We have moved to bigger premises twice in the last three years and have increased our work force four-fold. All this is due to the amazing number of clients that we have been able to help over that time. But with that means that we have been exceptionally busy and have had to put our own website on the back burner.

What has made us do it now?

That’s easy we have just been able to employee three more members of staff, which has allowed us to take the pressure off, allowing us the time to work out what we wanted for the new website and start creating it. Also, the new year’s is an exceptionally important time of year for Blue Whale Media as it is our busiest. So, we want to be ready to wow all our potential clients with the new website.

What features are on the new website?  

This is where we have aimed to impress! It all starts with our animated sliders which we are sure will get your creativity flowing! Then we wanted to keep you more informed with what we get up to so, we have added a Facebook and Instagram Feed. It’s now also an ecommerce site allowing you to order blogs and SEO products online. There is so much more but we don’t want to spoil the surprise.

What is the biggest change with the new website?

There have been huge changes with so many parts of the website but there are two major changes to talk about. Our blogs section has undergone a major revamp. You will now be able to pick a category of blogs you want to read, from news about Blue Whale to marketing tips, we have it all.

The second notable change is the way we have designed our portfolio. The team are incredibly proud of the websites we create at Blue Whale Media so we have now created a huge portfolio section. You will be able to choose certain sectors of interest and when you find one you would like to read you will be able to find out about the entire design process from sign up to completion and even what our clients have to say about their websites.

Why is it important that we updated the website?

If you have ever meet us you will know that our motto is that your website is the face you put forward to the world as a company. So it should be the best version of it shouldn’t it? Whilst the team love the old website with the paper effects and workplace feel it was time to move forward and show off some of the new skills we have been developing and now was the perfect time to do that. Some of you may know that we moved into new office in July. This was when we first started our rebranding process. The new offices are much more modern and the internal space has been decorated and designed to impress so our website should reflect that too.

We hope you like the new website and would love to hear any feedback you have.

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