Blue Whale Media’s – Team and Charity Activities – By Joeseph Burden

Blue Whale Media’s – Team and Charity Activities

At Blue Whale Media team activities are essential to maintaining our healthy relationships with one another and what better way to do that than team activities whether it’s through team building activities or charity events. At Blue Whale Media we have a team consisting of 16 people from different ages and backgrounds although if you asked one of us what we love about our job you would probably get the reply “the people I work with”. I would say we are a close team.


On April 20th we climbed, fought and cried our way up the tallest mountain in Wales, Snowdon. It was very hard as many of us had never done anything like that before the blazing sun didn’t help. Some used all their water before we reached the top but luckily, we could help each other out with that. Unfortunately, no one prepared for the sun with any sun cream, so we all were burnt! All in all, it was painful but worth it as it brought our team closer together as well as Blue Whale Media raising over £1000 for the fantastic charity Warrington Animal Welfare.

5K Run

My second charity event at Blue Whale Media was the Birchwood Business Park fancy dress 5K run. Some would say it’s only a 5K run, but it felt like a marathon. The team was in minion onesies which you can image made it a whole lot warmer! We all finished the race in around 30 – 35 minutes. We ended at different times but the majority of the time we were side by side egging one another on. This was to raise money for Zoe’s place baby hospice.

Cupcake Day

Everybody loves cupcakes, right? Most people enjoy eating them but baking them is a whole new story. June 14th was national cupcake day and we thought we would bake a few ourselves and sell them to our fellow business neighbours to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society who help people and families affected by Alzheimer’s as well as funding research. Blue Whale Media sold over 100 cakes all baked by our team.

Sky Dive

In October a few including myself from the team will be jumping out of a plane at 10.000ft travelling around 120 miles per hour towards the solid ground! We are all doing this for our own charity’s that mean something to us such as myself choosing Help for Heroes or my colleague Holli, choosing the Shannon Bradshaw Trust. I have a goal of £500 and will be raising this through public donations, just giving pages, family and friends.


This month (July) we will be going to a paintball activity centre to build upon our teamwork skills. We will be using key strengths such as communication and organisation to battle our way to victory and be crowned Blue Whale Media Champions. While we are there we will be taking out new Inspire 2. The Inspire 2 is the drone that we will be using in our new drone service. We hope to capture some great footage.

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