Blue Whale Media team at The Raj in Culcheth. Picture shows Ben Smart, Stephanie Sweeney and Danielle Whittaker.

The Blue Whale Media team recently gathered for their annual Curry Night at the Raj, a popular Indian restaurant located in the heart of Culcheth. The team, consisting of professionals from various departments, came together to enjoy a night of delicious food, drinks, and camaraderie.

The annual curry night is a much-awaited event within the Blue Whale team, providing an opportunity for everyone to unwind and enjoy each other’s company outside of the office. The team believes that social events like these are crucial in building strong relationships and fostering a positive work environment.

It allows everyone to bond over their shared experiences, interests, and of course, love for Indian cuisine. This event is eagerly anticipated by the team members, who look forward to an evening of delicious food and great company.

The Raj is known for its authentic Indian cuisine and the Blue Whale team was not disappointed. From the spicy starters to the aromatic main courses, every dish was expertly prepared and presented. The team enjoyed a variety of dishes, including chicken tikka masala, lamb rogan josh, and vegetable biryani, all accompanied by freshly baked naan bread and fragrant rice. The restaurant’s attentive staff made sure that everyone had a wonderful dining experience, and the team left feeling satisfied and content.

Apart from indulging in scrumptious food, the Blue Whale team also had a fun-filled Karaoke night. The team members showcased their hidden talents as they their favorite songs and enjoyed each other’s performance. The highlight of the night was Maeve, a talented graphic designer, who stole the show with her rendition of Tom Jones’s Delilah. Her soulful voice left everyone mesmerized, and the team couldn’t stop applauding her.

The annual Curry Night at the Raj was not only a delightful culinary experience but also an opportunity for the Blue Whale team to come together and strengthen their bonds. The event showcased the team’s camaraderie, and the positive atmosphere was a testament to the team’s commitment to building and maintaining strong relationships. The Blue Whale team looks forward to many such events in the future, where they can enjoy each other’s company and create unforgettable memories.