How you can boost your customer loyalty with social media

How To Boost Customer Loyalty With Social Media

If you have been on social media for a while now and people are not engaging with your content anymore its because you are not giving them what they want. People who are using social media are bored with seeing the same brand messages that they see every day. They want something that catches their attention.

Now people want to engage with brands more than ever. They want to be able to involve in their stories and social media posts. Just like any other relationship, it works both ways. As a brand, you need to meet your customers needs and win their loyalty.

Encourage user-generated content

Brand-related posts created by consumers, user-generated content has started to flood social media platforms, and it is now an important place for Instagram marketing. This helps consumers and brands gather around communities, and this is where influencers come into play.

User-generated content has changed the way that consumers interact with brands on social media and is now shaping digital marketing and branding altogether.

Monitor your social media platform

One of the biggest mistakes that brands make is not checking how their social media is doing. If you want to make the most out of your social media marketing, you need to look further. Organise your social media insights into three main sections.

  • Conversations directly related to your brand
  • Conversations related to your competitors
  • Conversations related to your industry

Doing this will help you decide your marketing goals and strategies. This will create new opportunities to engage in the right audience for you. When you have done this, it will show you what your audience interests are and what they are passionate about.

Be thankful

Your customers will start to grow loyalty when it is created to be rewarded and appreciated, especially on social media. For example, if someone mentions you in their blog reach out to them and say thank you. You could also offer points in your rewards system. This is just one of the ways to say thank you. Encourage people to share your content, so you start to gain a larger audience.

Let them know that you acknowledge their feedback

For your business to grow, you need to listen to your audience’s feedback. You will start to get a lot of feedback on social media, emails, and through platforms like Trustpilot. When you have set up the proper monitoring alerts, you will eventually start to see people sharing their experiences with your brand. Not all the feedback will be positive, and you need to prepare for that. The main trick is to value their opinion still. Social media is just a tool to help you improve your products or services.

Turn negatives into positives

Handling negative reviews and comments is so important. A negative comment can sometimes become favourable for you only if you deal with it positively and professionally. To deal with negative reviews, there are two points you need to remember.

  • Be prompt
  • Don’t offer an apology without a genuine solution

Approach negativity as if it was face to face and be as calmly as possible.