Keep your brand at the focus of your content marketing strategy

Trying to keep up to date with your content marketing strategy can seem almost overwhelming at times. Creating brand awareness reflects the degree of familiarity that consumers have with your company and your message. It’s not simply that people notice your logo because it’s unique; your audience recognises your brand and what it represents.

Maintaining your brand awareness is so important, as consumers are much more likely to purchase from brands they trust. Here are ways you can achieve this:

Know your audience

It is vital that you dig into the demographics of your audience, look at their ages and who are your typical users and what do they search for? Research your audiences’ online tendencies; this will help you to structure your content to what will appeal to their interests. 67% of first-time customers will make a purchase based on your values if those values align with theirs; this makes it worthwhile to know everything you can about your audience.

Create a schedule

Creating a schedule for your content is a smart move that will allow you to look ahead and make sure your content is on point. Try to include both the content you plan to post on your website and your social media content within the schedule. With a plan in mind, you can identify the key aspects you want to achieve with your content and prioritise what content should go at the forefront of your company’s marketing campaign. Having a plan for your site pages, blog posts, videos and social content will help you to stay focused and create consistency.

Experiment with content

By using different forms of content for your marketing strategy, you can keep up with the ever-increasing demands of your audience. With video being one of the most popular types of online content, why not create videos around the office. Interesting mini videos of your business can add to your marketing strategy; it’s content that your audience will take notice of. At Blue Whale Media, we create podcasts as well as videos as they can add more depth to your content.

Blog consistently

Did you know that company’s that blog consistently can get 67% more leads? Everything you say or do and write should be consistent with your brand’s personality, values and what your company is passionate about.

Creating blogs can create opportunities for people to pull up your blog in search results due to the use of keywords and topics you are regularly using. Strong content allows you to show your audience who your company is and what your brand represents, creating authenticity between your company and your audience.

Use social media

Social media platforms are an excellent way for content marketing because the information you share with your followers isn’t only available to them; it’s available for them to share with their followers also. Sharing branding content enables you to reach a broad audience; it’s a valuable tool because it is all about users interacting with your company. Even though people access the internet on mobile devices more and more, they still want content that is easy to digest and adds more value to their day.

Whether it’s a blog or video content, the most well-known brands tend to be the ones with lots of engaging and authoritative content. Content is a great way to define your brand and marketing strategy; it will make your business engaging and attractive for your current audience and new visitors.