Incorporating Brand Identity into Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Brand identity is one of the most important aspects when it comes to your digital marketing campaign. Branding should be incorporated anyway as it will be the face of your company as well sending the message, story and value to the customers. It is known amongst many organisations that people buy people which can be reflected in your brand identity. Every company needs a brand that stands out from the crowd for the right reasons. Whether you have a website or promote on social media platforms, the branding must be consistent across everything that is related to your company.


One way to incorporate brand identity into your digital marketing campaign is through a logo. A logo represents your business and is a high priority in any marketing campaign. If a logo is created to a high standard with originality to your business, then it can become something that people relate to you and will always recognise. As a logo is something people can identify you by it means it plays a big part in brand identity. For Blue Whale Media, we use the letter ‘B’ with a tail on it as it symbolises our name.

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is also a vivid part amongst your brand identity. For every business, there should be a specific set of colours that are used throughout your branding. This can be incorporated through the logo, website, business cards, social media or any merchandise. Similar to the logo, a person should be able to recognise the business from the colour scheme. With regards to Blue Whale Media, we use a blue colour scheme due to the fact that our company has the colour blue in the name.

Fonts & Images

The fonts and images a business uses can also help build brand identity. By using certain fonts and images, your brand identity will be built up and people will recognise your business. When it comes to digital marketing, fonts can be recognised as businesses will implement them throughout their website. A lot of well-known brands do this already by using either one or two specific fonts. For Blue Whale Media we use certain fonts which are implemented on our website, our graphics and our email marketing. This again will make your branding more consistent.

Brand Story

Brand identity can also be incorporated into a digital marketing campaign as most companies will have a brand story. For example, Blue Whale Media originally had a whale as our logo and we still use the whale a lot but as time has moved on and we develop our branding, we decided to create our new logo which is the ‘B’ with the tail on it. This can also be seen throughout the remarketing of our website. Even though it is good to change your branding with the time, is it useful to keep it similar too? Changing your branding too much can have an impact on the overall brand identity.

Blue Whale Media’s Branding Services

Here at Blue Whale Media, we offer Branding services to all companies. Firstly, our team will brainstorm creative ideas and concepts to connect with your target audience then we drive lasting results for your business. We do this through brand recognition and product enhancement which produces national engagement and a unique look. Whether it’s naming services, logo designs, custom business stationery, business branding or product branding; we have you covered! To find out more about our services, contact our team on 01925 552050 or take a look at our website.

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