Brochure Website Packages offered by Blue Whale Media

A brochure style site is a website that is information based. They often have minimal functionality and are used to show off your business. Clients who work in industries like garden care usually like to have a gallery as they can show off the quality of their work with before and after photos. Here at Blue Whale Media, we roll this service into full packages to aid our customers to grow their business. We have a few different types of packages with various sizes of brochure websites.

Brochure Website – Package 1

Our brochure website package 1 is the smallest package from our services. It is for companies that just want an online presence. The design looks great but is always basic and it never has any custom function to it. As they are built to the specification of the client, they vary but most of the time they consist of a home page, an about us page, a services page and lastly a contact us page. This sort of website is only there for a point of reference as well as providing contact information to encourage people to call you. As they are all scalable, they are perfect for new businesses who have limited funds but plan to expand in the future.

Brochure Website – Package 2

Package 2 is our mid-range brochure package and is also our most popular. This is for established businesses who either want individual service pages or have considered website marketing. In the eyes of SEO, content is king. The more pages you have with valued content the better. Having more pages with good content can drastically change your position within Google. The main difference between package 1 and 2 is the design time. Obviously, when paying more money for a project you are going to get more for your money; this includes design time, functionality and more complex features than a package 1 site.

Brochure Website – Package 3

Depending on your industry you know how your customers are going to use your website. If you know people are only looking for your page to get your number or to fill out a quick enquiry form, then this package isn’t for you. This package is for clients who know their customers are going to look through almost every page of the website. They know the impression that is given by the website will determine whether they will work with you or not. This website provides a lot of information about the company and its services in details as there are 12 pages to fill with valued content. Again, this brochure website will receive a lot more attention to details with dedicated planning in the design and user experience.

What’s the package bit?

As mentioned in my opening paragraph this service is a package, so you get more than just a website. The packages are actually called a business in a box. Included in your business box are logo designs to help with the marketing side of your business. We also set up professional emails like mine, j.burden@bluewhalemedia. This is intended to help give your team a professional approach. We set up Web Master and Google Analytics for you too. This way you can track and monitor your website how you like.

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