How you can build customer loyalty on your eCommerce website with these WooCommerce plugins

WooCommerce Plugins to Build Customer Loyalty

It’s cool that your site attracts plenty of viewers, but how many of them are loyal to your brand? One-time shoppers or infrequent visitors make a difference, but as an eCommerce business, you want to secure a loyal customer base. When a shopper is loyal to your brand, it’s likely that he/she will not only keep coming back to your website but will also advocate your business/products to his friends and family. At this point, you can practically leave your legion of loyal customers to do the selling for you, in a sense. 

How does one go about securing a loyal customer base? You could employ the following plugins: – remember, if you need extra functionality or plugins for your website you should always contact a Liverpool web design agency to help you.

Account Funds

This plugin allows online shoppers to deposit money into their online account that is linked to your website. By doing so, he can choose to use this ‘saved money’ to pay for his next purchase. As a ‘thank you’ gesture, businesses typically offer discounts for such customers. As a business, account funds plugins are advantageous because once a shopper deposits money into his online account, it means that he cannot spend it anywhere else but in your online store. To extend your reach to more customers, you can dish out other perks, such as instant order processing, to these ‘special shoppers.’ It helps them feel like they are the elite customers on your site, enticing them to keep coming back for more.

WooCommerce Wishlists

Wish lists are by far one of the best things to happen to online stores. Can you imagine having to painstakingly filter products every time just so you can get to the one that you wanted but could not buy earlier? WooCommerce Wishlists allow current customers and guests alike to add products to their wish lists so they can get to them at any given day – guaranteeing return visits to your site. This plugin also lets customers send their wish lists to friends and family on social media platforms or via email. Users are ensured total privacy control of their wish lists. 

Follow-up Emails

A 2018 study by Smart Insights found that Email marketing stood head-to-head with paid and organic searches when it came to driving sales. This WooCommerce plugin offers businesses a platform to create premium-quality email templates to send customers. Once it’s all set up, the emails can be fully automated. How convenient is that? These emails foster feelings of exclusivity and belonging in customers, ultimately working in your business’ favour. 

Review for Discount

Enticing new customers can be difficult. A smarter move is to keep current customers happy so you have their loyalty. One way to go about this is with the Review for Discount plugin. It lets you create coupons (automatically generated at checkout) for customers who have recently purchased a product on your website. This helps promote repeat purchases, thereby increasing customer loyalty. To get a leg up over competitors, personalize the email template that accompanies the coupon code.

Dynamic Pricing

Sales are guaranteed to draw all kinds of customers to your site. The Dynamic Pricing plugin simplifies the process of implementing large-scale discounts across your online store. You also have Advanced Category Pricing, which lets you put in place bulk discounts on product categories, and Simple Category Pricing, which facilitates seamless setting up of discount prices across a whole category.