How to Build a Website that Works on an iPad?

Having different websites for traditional large-screen and iPad devices is expensive. Our Website Design Warrington team believes that a responsive design offers a cost-effective alternative for developing an engaging website for your iPad users.If you are looking to tap into your iPad users with a single effective website, a responsive design is the way to go.

Responsive websites are designed to work excellently on multiple devices of different screen sizes. Use the services of a specialised website design Warrington company for a well-designed responsive website.

How Does a Responsive Website Work? – Advice From a Website Design Warrington agency

When designed in a responsive manner, a website gets displayed according to the screen size of your visitor’s iPad. So, your visitors will not have to adjust the website by scrolling or zooming to fit in their iPad screen.

Your iPad user will be able to view the content of your website and navigate through it in the best way possible with a responsive design.

Why Do I Need a Responsive Website?

For a variety of reasons, including:

  • Great User Experience –The website loading time is super-quick; images are pleasing to the eye without any awkward distortions; content is visible and readable; and navigation is super-smooth.

You’ll be able to deliver a uniform user experience for your large screen and iPad visitors, giving your iPad users no room for complaints!

  • Quicker Website Completion –A professional website design Warrington agency completes a website with responsive design faster. It takes more time to build separate websites for large screens and iPad devices.
  • Reduced Costs – Two separate websites also mean individual maintenance, which is costly. You’ll have to spend on resources including talent and technologies, separately for each. The process, including content and design for each, is also different, which adds to the stress.

A single yet flexible design is a lot easier on your mind and money!

  • Lower Bounce Rate – A frustrating website experience can be a key reason for your iPad visitors leaving your website. A responsive design makes your website highly impressive on iPads, and can engage visitors better and get them to stay longer on your website.
  • Better Conversions –A responsive design makes it clear and easier for users to take the next step, such as calling you, posting a comment, sending a query, or placing an order. The highly engaging user experience makes it easier for visitors to make a decision.
  • More Search Engine Friendly– Search engines including Google consider a website’s mobile-friendliness as a ranking criterion. With a responsive design, you can easily score a point.

Some Tips to Make Your Responsive Design Work Well on an iPad

  • Avoid Flash-based elements. iPads are not generally compatible with Flash. Blanks appear in spaces that contain Flash elements, which makes the website unattractive.
  • Keep navigation as simple as possible. Too many functionalities can make it difficult for your iPad users to browse your website.
  • Ensure that your website layout is customised to both portrait and landscape angles of an iPad through the use of right design languages such as adaptive CSS.

A professional website design Warrington agency has the essential knowledge, experience and tools, for making a responsive design work well for your iPad website. Experience said benefits of responsive design with the help of such an experienced agency.

Written and published by Blue Whale Media.

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